the most convenient purse

Keep it in one difficult crypto-money place.

Check the tokenbank for information on the project you are curious about.

  • Accumulated input
    and release amount

    * Price applied at the time of transaction

    more than 600 billion KRW

  • In-Output Support

    * Korea's largest support

    215 teams

  • Cumulative number of payments
    and withdrawals

    * as of 2019

    551,291 items

  • Support Mainnet Node

    * Full Node Support


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  • Easy remittance

    Cryptocurrency transfer
    is the most secure.

  • AirDrop

    It provides monthly cryptocurrency events
    worth 100 million KRW.

  • Public disclosure information

    Provides securities-level
    disclosure information by cryptocurrency.

  • cryptocurrency

    Blockchain technology that has received investments from POSCO Technology supports
    the largest number of cryptocurrency transactions.

How many cryptocurrency
are in the tokenbank?

30,462,891 IOS (EOS) were stored during the eight months of 2018.

Approximately 410 billion won worth of cryptocurrency has been deposited in Token Bank due to the won's appreciation.

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*It is based on EOS and has not included more than 200 cryptocurrency such as BTC and ETH.

Tokenbank's wallet,
is it safe?

Hexlant, who develops and runs a tokenbank wallet,

POSCO Technology Investment has been attracted based on the technology for storing and receiving cryptocurrency.

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Provides trust services
for corporate members.

Based on our own security technology, we provide trust services not only for individuals

but also for corporate members.

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Most convenient blockchain finance

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Cryptocurrency Wallet Creation