Introducing True Finance (T-Fi) — KuCoin AMA with BOSAGORA (BOA) — Full Transcript

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Introducing True Finance (T-Fi) — KuCoin AMA with BOSAGORA (BOA) — Full Transcript

Dear KuCoin Users,

Time: February 19, 2021, 10:00–11:16 (UTC)

KuCoin hosted an AMA (Ask-Me-Anything) with BOSAGORA (BOA), where it introduced the concept of True Finance (T-Fi) in the KuCoin Exchange Group.

Project Introduction:

BOSAGORA aims to “Make a better world” by contributing to safer and more convenient financial services with cryptocurrency and by contributing to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). To achieve this end, BOSAGORA proposes T-Fi, short for “True Finance”, a next-generation financial business model that combines blockchain and traditional finance. It seeks stable and high-yield returns by combining financial products such as stocks and real estate with the BOA coin. T-Fi rewards BOA node operators with confirmation rewards whose high return of 37% in the first year is unrivaled by any other PoS project. On top of that, if node operators lend staked BOA as collateral, fixed income is generated through making an investment in excellent partners. Its first partner is FMway, an investment company with a big data-based stock-picking algorithm which has shown an average annual return of 39.7% in back data testing in the past 20 years. T-Fi lending is a structure linked to the traditional economy that is fundamentally different from the existing De-Fi lending, in which the profit is paid according to the interest rate and exchange rate between ERC-tokens. Experience unprecedented financial services leveraging cryptocurrency with T-Fi.

Official Website:

White Paper:

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Munsu Lee — CEO of BOSAGORA

Munsu majored in Computer Science at school, and since 1993 he has been working in the IT field. He participated in the development of Korea’s first optical filing cloud, Korea’s first intranet groupware and messenger, a comprehensive shopping mall solution with the №1 market share in Korea from 1999 to present, and Korea’s first hub portal. In addition, for 15 years, he has operated Korea’s №1 securities/financial portal, and for an additional few years, he has produced security solutions including OTP. In most projects, he played a leading role in development and management. In 2017, driven by the blockchain industry boom, he joined Korea’s first ICO project, BOSAGORA, initially starting as a developer. Now, he plays a broad role as a CEO.

Q&A from KuCoin

Munsu: Hello everyone. Thanks for inviting me to your community.

Thanks for having me here. I’m excited for this AMA.

Q: Could you briefly introduce yourself and Bosagora?

Munsu: Hello. I am Munsu Lee, CEO of Bosagora. From 1993, I started my career in the IT industry as an early pioneer and joined Korea’s very first ICO project, where I am now working as CEO.

Bosagora is a public blockchain platform that aims to make a better world.

We’re creating a whole new financial environment — a financial environment that is secure and convenient.

We plan to help the majority of cryptocurrency traders around the world to make higher profit by investing in the traditional financial world, such as stocks and real estate markets.

To this end, our remarkable development team is developing an exceptional blockchain platform right now.

We are also increasing our exclusive partnerships with stable, secure and profitable revenue model providers.

Thank you for having me today. It is my pleasure to share our story with you.

Q: You just mentioned that Bosagora is aiming to make a new financial environment. Can you explain how you are planning to achieve that?

Munsu: We are literally making a new financial environment, a unique financial ecosystem no one has ever experienced before. We named this “T-Fi”, short for True Finance.

First of all, we offer a very special staking reward rate system. The way to participate is almost the same as conventional blockchain platforms, but the compensation rate is not the same at all.

We offer an annual rate of 37%, and that is just the minimum rate.

Not only that, T-Fi has a unique structure that allows users to earn additional fixed income. BOSAGORA has its own cryptocurrency called BOA.

By lending the staked BOA coins as collateral, we generate additional profits from the traditional economy.

It’s a one-source finance, but used in multiple ways.

Q: Can you explain the specific details and process of T-Fi lending to our AMA participants?

Munsu: Yes, the participation process is very simple and easy.

The users can stake BOA coins on the T-Fi website and check on the box to agree to lending the staked coins. That’s it! Super easy, right?

‘T-Fi Labs’, our operating company founded in Singapore, takes care of all the processes of lending cash, investing in the traditional economy, making profit, purchasing BOA coins from the profits made by investments, and paying back participants with BOA coins.

The results of each process are recorded in the blockchain and managed transparently.

Q: How are the results of the process outside the blockchain going to be managed transparently? Don’t you think we would be more comfortable to participate if we could verify that the interest that comes to us is calculated correctly?

Munsu: Wow, you’re such a sharp and smart investor! Yes, I agree with you. It’s very risky to invest in products that are not transparent.

In order to transparently manage the processes outside blockchain, we decided to link our trust contracts with a blockchain Oracle solution called Chainlink.

Chainlink is a company that connects blockchain smart contracts to the off-chain outside world.

Chainlink’s decentralized Oracle network provides reliable and unmodifiable information to smart contracts.

Oracle data on the chainlink allows the T-Fi protocol to be fully trusted and decentralized.

Q: It sounds like you’re building a DeFi service, Decentralized Finance, right? Then what makes T-Fi different from current DeFi?

Munsu: Yes, T-Fi is a kind of DeFi, but it is a much easier and safer system.

This difference comes from the fact that T-Fi is based on the traditional investment sector.

T-Fi will generate profits from the traditional economy like stocks or real estate markets, so users can easily understand the whole process as they are more familiar to most people, not to mention, it’s difficult to break into the digital system. so it’s safer!

Q: Where does T-Fi generate profit from? Do you have any specific partner or project in the traditional economy sector?

Munsu: Sure we do, I am very confident we can make good and sound profit with our trustworthy partners.

The first partner is FMway.

FMway is an investment company with a big data-based stock-selecting algorithm that leverages all financial data from companies listed on the global stock market.

They analyze the most recently released quarterly financial data for each stock market in every country to form a portfolio and hold it for three months, pursuing stable and steady performance.

FMway’s stock-selecting algorithm is applicable to all stock markets around the world, and back data testing from the past 20 years of major 12 countries has proven an average annual return of 39.7%.

Q: How much return can T-Fi participants expect?

Munsu: BOSAGORA will provide a confirmation reward equivalent to 37.84% of the total BOA coin issuance in the first year of coinnet operation to those who directly operate nodes or have entrusted their node operation to T-Fi Labs. This is a significantly higher return compared to the confirmation reward provided by other PoS type projects. However, you can expect additional profits by lending in various profitable businesses such as real estate, stocks, raw materials, and derivatives by lending staked BOA instead of letting them sit idle.

As I already stated earlier, in the early days of T-Fi, we will make investment in the digital stock fund product of FMway. If you lend your staked BOA in FMway, you can expect an additional 7% annual profit.

Q: Earlier, you explained advantages of T-Fi over existing DeFi. Could you explain other features of T-Fi other than them?

Munsu: First of all, there is no risk of coin price fluctuations because lending profits are linked to legal currency.

Second, it has a wide range of scalability that encompasses the digital economy and the real economy. Any existing profitable business can be grafted.

Third, investments can be made without border constraints.

Fourth, the T-Fi ecosystem is designed to continue to increase BOA value since BOA must be purchased and staked first to earn the industry’s highest confirmation reward.

Also, the profits generated after the lending investment will also be distributed by BOA, with T-Fi Labs purchasing them in the market. This will further increase demand for BOA, causing its price to increase.

Q: Hearing all this, it really shows that the world is changing. I’m curious about your plans for the future. Can you share some with us?

Munsu: In the first half of this year, before our Coinnet is launched and the actual staking service begins, we plan to launch two programs.

The first program, which is worth about 2 million USD, will be opened from 22nd. The second program will be opened in May.

In the later half of this year, after the Coinnet’s launch, the confirmation reward through node operation will be officially distributed.

By early next year, Chainlink Oracle will be linked to our Trust Contracts to create the first DeFi and generate revenue from the traditional economy.

Q: Last but not least, could you introduce more about the first round of the T-Fi lending service? How can we participate in it?

Munsu: To spread the awareness of this innovative financial model, T-Fi, to the market and to proactively gauge the demand for it, we are opening the 1st round of T-Fi lending service. It will be opened on a first-come, first-served basis, so there is a possibility of early closing.

The application period runs from February 22nd until 25th. The total amount to be recruited is 10,000,000 BOA and each person can deposit min. 40,000 to max. 1,000,000 BOA.

For more information, please refer to the announcement (

Free-Ask from KuCoin Community

Q: Yield farming has come to stay in the DEFI space, so please tell us how Bosagora Protocol compares to the many yield farms offering high APY on liquidity staking, and why would crypto investors pick it over other yield farming opportunities?

Munsu: DeFi projects available so far are now facing limits in devising noticeable things within the blockchain platform. It is having difficulty due to the liquidity problem. Profits are based on governance tokens and so profits generated are artificial and unnatural, which questions its sustainability. T-Fi is connected to the real economy generating profit out of practical business.

Q: What are some of the major achievements that the BOA Network has achieved and what milestones are planned in the upcoming years?

Munsu: Technically, we completed the consensus algorithm and validator, and validated the business model we intend to apply to T-Fi. The Flash Layer and Coinnet will be released in the second half of this year.

Q: How does T-FI generate profit/revenue and what is the revenue model? How will this be mutually beneficial for your investors and your project?

Munsu: T-Fi is a business model that returns profits generated in business areas such as stocks and real estate in addition to the basic confirmation reward on the BOSAGORA platform. It is also a model in which the problem of inflation caused by coin issuance in the existing blockchain can be solved through profit in the real economy. It is an innovative system that allows users to earn additional substantial financial income in addition to basic rewards from staking. BOSAGORA will continue spotting and cooperating with high-performing sustainable business partners.

Giveaway Section

KuCoin and BOSAGORA have prepared a total of 20,000 BOA to give away to AMA participants.

1. Red envelope giveaways: 6,050 BOA

2. Free-ask section: 450 BOA

3. Post-AMA activity: 13,500 BOA

Activity 1 — Quiz: 11,250 BOA

Activity 2 — Price Guess: 2,250 BOA

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