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Finance in the era of zero interest rates, Hintchain X AGOV DeFi

Decentralized Finance. In short, it is a financial ecosystem that is not controlled by central institutions such as the government or companies. In other words, you can use financial services with blockchain and smart contracts.

Yield farming is possible with my coins, and there is a secure advantage with P2P transactions. So, the liquidity supply that makes P2P transactions possible is important, and there is liquidity mining, which means supplying this liquidity and earning profits.

Liquidity mining method

Reward Pool: If you supply your coins to the liquidity pool, you will get DeFi coins as a reward.

Swap Pool: Supply 2 coins at the same time and get DeFi coins.

You can mine AGOV tokens by depositing them into AGOV Finance through DeFi Coin (LP Token) that supplies liquidity to Uniswap and gets it.

AGOV launches a food real asset exchange in 2Q 2021. In addition to yielding farming revenue, it can serve as governance of the exchange.

Decentralized, tokenized, food real asset exchange launch.

Also, listing on centralized exchange is imminent.

Join Hintchain’s AGOV Finance.

Hintchain and AGOV’s official partner Klaytn are also together.

AGOV Finance:

AGOV Mining



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