Hintchain launches real food asset exchange through AGOV

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Hintchain’s ANSWER Governance is Klaytn’s official partner as an investment platform that enables anyone to easily invest and trade by tokenizing food raw materials based on a blockchain.

Market problem
The food raw materials (wine, whiskey, etc.) market can steadily generate high returns, but due to the market structure, it was almost impossible for individuals to participate as they could only invest in large-scale funds.

ANSWER Governance platform provides opportunities for individuals to participate in and trade food raw material investments by tokenizing the assets of the food raw material market, which were the exclusive property of a small number of large investors, based on a blockchain.

Food digital asset exchange launch
In 2Q 2021, AGOV launches Klayton-based food real digital asset exchange.
On the exchange, real food assets such as wine and whiskey, which increase in value over time, can be digitally tokenized, making it easy to invest and buy and sell like stocks.
The exchange’s profits are used to buy back HINT tokens, and the profits are also airdropped to AGOV token holders.
HINT tokens are listed on Coinone Exchange, and AGOV can be obtained from AGOV Finance and Uniswap.

AGOV Finance:
You can get AGOV from AGOV Finance with LP tokens that supply and obtain liquidity from Uniswap.

AGOV Mining Guide

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