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20 November 2020 — In order to further encourage community engagement and enhance consensus, today we are excited to introduce VSYS Supernode Community Vote. Any supernode operators can contribute to V Systems’ technical, content or community efforts through this campaign and get rewarded. The event will start from 24th Nov 30th Nov, and a total of 110,000 VSYS will be distributed through the initiative.

The voting campaign aims to promote community-driven contributions to the V Systems ecosystem. The community vote will be equivalent to the quantity of increased VSYS leased to them during the campaign. All validator nodes will be ranked according to the quantity of their votes. The supernode ranked number 1 wins, and will be able to receive a reward of 100,000 VSYS.

How to gather support to win community vote?

- Attractive fees and introducing a competitive payment scheme
- Introducing incentive activities to drive stakers
- Promoting community engagement on social media
- Involvement in VSYS based dapp and protocol development
- Contributing to the VSYS open source library
- Supporting developers and validators in the VSYS community channels

Prize: Voter Participation

To encourage our wider community to participate in this campaign, all voters will be able to take part in a lucky draw event, and 10 winners will be able to receive 1,000 VSYS as rewards.

Prize: Supernode Winner

The supernode ranked number 1 wins, and will be able to receive a reward of 100,000 VSYS.

Event Period: 24th Nov — 30th Nov

Supernode Spotlight

Many of our supernodes have been contributing to build a more secure and connected world on V Systems. In order to recognize their hard work, our Supernode Spotlight will showcase a few amazing supernode operators that have made significant contributions to V Systems. The V Systems Core team will then evaluate all nodes and provide scores for the following area:

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