Vite Bi-weekly Report

Vite | 10.17| 21

Oct 1–15, 2020

Project Updates

Vite App

We received a lot of feedbacks since Vite iOS APP v3.8.0 was released last month. Most are positive, but also having a few issues. For example, scanning QR code may cause the App to crash, and some pages load slowly. All these issues will be fixed in the next release.

In addition, we found the text description in some pages may cause confusion. One example is the label associated with the “Enable Automatic Staking” checkbox. This will be improved too.

At last, the “Discovery” page will add the logo of the airdrop project to increase brand exposure.

ViteX Exchange

In the next milestone, we plan to upgrade the ViteX smart contract for a better deposit/withdrawal experience. By the time users can directly deposit/withdraw assets to/from the exchange without going through the wallet first.

In the meantime, ViteX will start to support Market Order, a key function for both users and trading bots.

The development work to integrate ViteX into Hummingbot has been completed. ViteX users can conveniently run their high-frequency trading bots to perform market making, cross-exchange market making, and arbitrage. In the follow-up, we will keep improving the user experience, documents/tutorials, and finally, submit a Pull Request to the project.

At present, the source code can be found at a forked branch (hummingbot: feat/vitex-connector ). We humbly invite the community to download and have a trial use.

Recent Milestones

BAN Airdrop with trading on ViteX

On September 30, we started the BAN airdrop campaign. Traders that have used on ViteX between Aug 8 and Oct 8 are allowed to claim from a pool of 2 million BAN.

All rewards have been distributed as of Oct 15.

Referral Campaign for VX Mining One-Year Anniversary

On September 9, in celebration of the mining anniversary, we launched the campaign for free referral as mining on ViteX. From Sep 9 to Oct 9, users may claim referral codes (worth 1000 VITE) and invite others to trade on ViteX. Referrers will on a permanent basis receive 5% of the transaction fees and 2.5% of the liquidity mining rewards from the referred traders.

On Oct 15, the VIte team has officially published all qualifying addresses for this campaign.

ViteX Exchange

On October 13, AR/USDT trading pair becomes eligible for trading mining and market-making as mining (“liquidity mining”). In particular, market-making as mining for AR/USDT receives a 3x multiplier for reward distribution.

ViteX has listed Privacy coin (PRV)

On October 14, the Vite Labs gateway has listed Privacy Coin (PRV), and PRV/USDT trading pair began trading.

The associated project Incognito builds technology to allow coins on other chains to transact privately. PRV is Incognito protocol’s native coin and is used for paying for transactions on the Incognito chain.

ViteX Data


Our COO Richard ran a new AMA for the international community, where he covered topics such as exploration of automated market makers on ViteX, improving Vite discussions on social media platforms like Reddit, and withdrawal fees on ViteX.

You may read the transcript of the AMA here:

Our COO Richard has been invited to moderate a debate between Mina (blockchain with small footprint) and Solana (performant blockchain without sharding) on the Futurist Conference. The content will become an episode of The Blockchain Debate Podcast. All past episodes are available here:

You are welcome to follow Richard’s twitter accounts: /


ViteX Official:


Vite Forum:





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