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To stake your NU tokens, recover your escrowed ETH and earn rewards

We are happy to announce a collaboration with NuCypher, a startup providing cryptographic infrastructure for DApp developers. As of today, NuCypher’s worker node is available on Ankr, following their highly anticipated launch on the Ethereum mainnet on October 15th.

Seamlessly integrating with NuCypher’s WorkLock system, Ankr’s node hosting infrastructure makes running a worker node as easy as several clicks.

Find a step-by-step guide on how to deploy your own NuCypher worker node on Ankr here.

WorkLock — an efficient way to stake your ETH and earn rewards

Launched in August 2020 by NuCypher, WorkLock is a node distribution mechanism that enables users to stake ETH in order to earn NU, the native “work token”.

NU token allows its holders to perform decentralized encryption services within the NuCypher network. Notably, NU stakers get to collect NuCypher network fees (paid in ETH) and receive an inflation subsidy (paid in NU).

As the NuCypher mainnet launched on October 15th, WorkLock participants who have staked at least 5 ETH in the network, are now able to claim their NU to start running their own node within the NuCypher network.
Please note that running a node is required for all participants to access their funds and fully recover their escrowed ETH.

That’s where Ankr comes into play, leveraging its infrastructure to make spinning up a NuCypher node a seamless, one-click experience. Running a NuCypher’s worker node with Ankr requires no technical knowledge.

Staking your NU tokens with Ankr, in a few easy clicks

After staking NU for 6 months or more, participants will be able to regain the originally staked ETH, at once or incrementally as they perform work in the system.

Please note that if you participated in WorkLock via The CoinList, your NU are already staked by Bison Trails. This means that you will only be able to create your own node after the first 6 months of staking.

Incentivized testnet participants who receive 15,000 NU or more can also easily deploy their worker node and start earning staking rewards.

To learn more and start earning NU rewards with Ankr, please head over to

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