Kratos Genesis Token Distribution Goes Live

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Kratos Genesis Token Distribution Goes Live!

Dear KuChain Community,

Get KTSt,Charging-On for Kratos Betanet Events! KuChain’s testnet — Kratos — has launched its Betanet Events — Phase II.

16/09/2020 20:00:00 to 20:00:00 24/09/2020 (UTC+8), the distribution of the betanet test token(KTSt) will be carried out in the form of BurningDrop on Pool-X trading platform. According to the rules, users can choose to stake KCS, ATOM, BTC and/or ETH through BurningDrop, and get the corresponding coefficient based on which an initial allocation of KTSt will be calculated. Additionally, by burning POL, participants can increase their initial allocation in the following accelerating period. KTSt holders will have the right to directly experience Kratos beta network’s economic model.

25/09/2020 15:00:00(UTC+8), after the KTSt distribution is complete, KTSt holders can vote for the test nodes of Kratos beta network on Pool-X to participate in its governance. For more information, please stay tuned in our channels.

Here are the gateways to participate in the genesis distribution of KTSt:

Kratos Genesis:

Kratos Testnet:

KuChain Team


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