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Hello Everyone! It’s the KStarLive Team.

As we announced in our telegram group, we would like to remind everyone that KStarLive has transitioned its Luniverse based KSC into ERC-20 based KSC.

There are not many exchanges on a global level that can successfully integrate Luniverse based tokens at this time. To allow for KSC to expand globally and to allow global users and exchanges access to our token, we have transitioned our tokens into ERC-20 based tokens.

The following was a notice released to our token holders regarding the matter:

Luniverse based KSC holders must swap their tokens into ERC-20 based KSC in order to trade the tokens on an exchange. Please refer to below for more detailed information regarding the matter:
■ Token Swap Schedule
1) Deposit/Withdrawal Service Suspension: June 2nd, 2020 (Tues) 7 P.M. (KST)
2) Token Swap: June 3, 2020 (Wed)
3) Deposit/Withdrawal Service Resumed…
Coinone Exchange: Date and a more concrete timeline will be announced after carefully monitoring the stability of the mainnet.
KStarLive Homepage: Date and a more concrete timeline will be announced after updating the Homepage’s ERC-Swap feature.
※ The amount of KSC held will remain the same after the swap. Luniverse based KSC will be swapped with ERC-20 based KSC at a 1:1 ratio.
※ Withdraw/Deposit service suspension will not impact your ability to trade KSC on Coinone. You will be able to continue to trade KSC on Coinone.
※ You will not be able to move KSC held on KStarLive’s platform to Coinone while updates are progressing. If you wish to trade your KSC, please move your KSC onto Coinone’s exchange before deposit/withdrawal services are suspended.

If you are having any issues with regards to the swap, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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