Chiliz to select strategic partners to list Fan Tokens

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13th of July, 2020.

Since the launch of Chiliz and Fan Tokens of some of the biggest household brands in the world like Juventus, Paris Saint-Germain, FC Barcelona, Galatasaray, etc … we had a lot of incoming demands from some local or major exchanges that wanted to be allowed to trade these tokens.

Our mission is very clear, we are building an ecosystem where global sports fans from all over the world can have access to fan tokens, to use them on our platforms like and engage with their favorite teams and clubs. We will allow access in our ecosystem to accelerate our business growth and user acquisition and also allow strategic partners to connect to our platform (Proof Of Authority Chain) by giving access to these fans tokens to a bigger user base.

In order to provide the best experience to sports fans and early adopters, we decided to allow a selection of strategic exchanges to be part of our ecosystem and give them access to trading the fan tokens of the biggest sports teams in the world, but also some 2nd/3rd tier teams/sports.

In the crypto landscape, usually, its tokens & projects who are fighting to get listed. Well, this time, we want exchanges to fight to get the fan tokens on their platforms. Yes. We change the game. We are spending (dozens of) millions of dollars to build an ecosystem with +50 brands (by end of 2020, 100+ in 2021) from several sports from all over the world, in order to really grow the crypto & blockchain mainstream exposure. We aim to believe that we will be the biggest consumer-facing blockchain-based product (besides exchanges & wallets) in the next years and that giving access to bigger liquidity to our fan tokens, will allow us to develop even more innovation, gamification and fan monetization.

Requirements to get some exclusive access:

  • Exchange have to stack a minimum amount of $CHZ
  • Exchange will list Fan Tokens pairs exclusively against $CHZ (or FIAT in selected countries)
  • Exchange will have trading fees in CHZ — including revenue share with Chiliz.
  • Exchange will have to guarantee a minimum of pairs, including access to top tiers teams but also access 2nd/3rd tiers based on special geographic needs.
  • Exchange needs to prove how they can support the growth in its markets/territories/demographics.

Be one of the first exchange in the world to give access to Fan Token trading:


The above is not to be construed as any firm commitment or guarantee on the part of Chiliz with respect to the prospective listing of the Fan Tokens. Rigorous due diligence procedures will be undertaken before engaging any third-party listing services.

Any and all listings of Fan Tokens as described above shall be strictly subject to any regulatory approvals, conditions and/or restrictions as may be imposed by any regulatory authority in accordance with applicable laws which may vary from one jurisdiction to another.

Entertainment Trading Technologies Limited, an affiliated entity of Chiliz, shall be solely responsible for any trading activities of Fan Tokens.

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