Ankr Monthly Recap: June 2020

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As of today, we are replacing the Bi-weekly updates with monthly recaps. Wondering what Team Ankr has been up to in June?

Community Update

Customer service live chat
Firstly, we now have a live customer support service! For any troubleshooting, concerns, etc., you can message us directly via our intercom live chat at

Community AMA’s with TomoChain and Elrond
We held two AMA’s this month, with the communities of our partners TomoChain and Elrond.

For the TomoChain AMA, Ankr’s CMO Marco and Blockchain Product Manager Flavian spoke with TomoChain’s Chief Business Development Officer Kyn Chaturvedi. The AMA Recap is on Tomochain’s Forum and covers Ankr’s platform, how it beats competition, and how it offers TomoChain users a non-technical way to deploy Masternodes and even their won DEX!

The AMA with Elrond was held live in Elrond’s Telegram channel , you can read it here in case you missed it. The focus was again on educating the general user about Ankr, and how our new strategic partnership adds value to the Elrond network.

Business update

Ankr token listed on UniFyre wallet
Ankr token listed on the UniFyre Wallet, built by the Ferrum Network team, focusing on enabling blockchain technology for the masses by making ANKR transactions as easy as sending a text message.

Ankr will also be exploring providing one-click Ferrum Network nodes when Ferrum’s mainnet launches, as well as hosting Ferrum’s own nodes on our platform to make the network more stable and decentralized.

Strategic partnership with Elrond
We are solving the specific needs of Elrond infrastructure through making node deployment easy and affordable.We are working closely with Elrond’s team to add additional functionality to our application in preparation for Elrond’s mainnet launch.

Currently, a closed user group of 15 Elrond community members has been granted exclusive access to Ankr-hosted Elrond nodes to compete in their Battle of Nodes incentivized testnet, the final stress-test of the network before the mainnet launch!

Acala Network Integration
Another new development in June is our integration with Acala Network, who are building an open finance infrastructure for the Polkadot Ecosystem.

Linked by Polkadot, users will be able to access the Acala Network open finance platform from within Ankr’s node hosting platform, a collaboration that fuses the best of both worlds.

Development Update

For June, we focused development efforts on partner integrations. We had a slew of new protocols this month: Compound, Horizen, Near Protocol, OKChain, and Tron.

Our work with Polkadot extends further, too, with projects Bifrost and Darwinia Network. More Polkadot Parachains will follow as further integrations are built.

Here are the key developments in June that you need to know about:

Binance Smart Chain API services
Developers can get started on building a Dapp with our Binance Chain/Smart Chain API Endpoint now! It takes minutes to deploy, and is free for a limited time so you can focus on developing.

In terms of staking, Ankr is working on the very first one-click staking solution for Binance Chain Validators, allowing anyone to stake earn BNB tokens without any technical knowledge!

Compound, providing interest like a bank (but decentralized!)
With Ankr’s solution, cryptocurrency exchanges, staking platforms and wallets can easily integrate with the Compound protocol and start to offer their users a great alternative to participate in DeFi and earn interest on the assets they keep on their platforms.

You’ll be able to save hundreds of DevOps hours since integration can be ready within a week, using Ankr’s RESTful API. Read more about Compound here.

Ethereum 2.0: we are ready!
Ethereum’s transition to Proof of Stake (PoS) is approaching! Some projections expect Ethereum 2.0 before the end of 2020.

While we first announced support on May 27th, we followed up with a longer piece talking about how we’re dedicating resources to provide a legendary staking experience.

TomoChain and TomoX: Decentralized Exchanges in a snap!
Users can now launch their Decentralized Exchange (DEX) with TomoX and Ankr in minutes, thanks to our continued collaboration with TomoChain.

Our platform fully integrated TomoX nodes following an Excalibur hard fork that occurred last month. After depositing 25,000 tokens users can launch a DEX, and we’ll throw in free hosting until August 12th!

PCHAIN: A new member of the Ankr platform!
PCHAIN joins our list of supported protocols with users able to access both types of validator nodes: Candidate and Bidder.

To celebrate our new collaboration, one month of free hosting and a shared delegation pool of 3,600,000 PI is available for the first 36 Ankr-hosted candidate nodes!

UI Updates
In our continuous efforts to improve user experience, we’ve made updates to general design of our platform. Users now get a better protocol market view that shows pricing and functionality of the node (staking, developing, or something else) all in a glance.

We added an API market due to our addition of Binance API endpoints; it will quickly be joined with other API integrations.

Other important information

For all of our new node users, we have a node support Telegram channel where you can chat directly with our team about any questions or concerns you may have. Our live chat support can now be accessed within your dashboard for urgent issues.

If you want to read the full list of updates, be sure to check out our blog. And don’t go too far away, we’re unveiling exciting developments in July!

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