Coinone integrates Ankr’s staking infrastructure

ANKR | 07.01| 24

We are pleased to announce that top-tier Korean exchange Coinone have deployed Ankr infrastructure for their TRX staking initiative.

Coinone users can now stake TRX tokens within the exchange and receive interest straight to their wallets once a month. On the15th of each month, snapshots of account balances are taken, with the daily average used to determine rewards.

Coinone and Ankr have made this super-easy, no user intervention is required. If you own TRX on the exchange, you’re automatically opted into the TRX staking program!

Choose Ankr for your infrastructure needs

Coinone has been our partner since COO Ryan Fang went to Korea in 2019 and announced ANKR listing on several Korean exchanges.

Supporting integration of Tron Super Representative infrastructure for Coinone’s platform shows a great case study on the potential Ankr can unlock for any cryptocurrency exchange, wallet or staking platform.

Ankr now supports over 40 Proof of Stake (PoS) protocols with easy node deployment and automated management, to save significant DevOps hours for each platform interested to integrate and offer staking to their users.

Blockchain protocols integrated on the Ankr platform.

Let Ankr do the heavy lifting! Contact us today at for your custom solution.

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