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This is a summary of the improvements and new features which we’ve released for the Aergo Enterprise (AE 2.0) — Read on to find out more

AERGO Enterprise is a blockchain platform that is optimally designed for enterprise use. More than just a basic framework, the blockchain platform provided by AERGO Enterprise proposes a system that takes both business continuity and scalability into consideration while providing a stable operating environment. Taking advantage of the scalability and security of Aergo’s Mainnet to offer the best form of Hybrid for real-world deployments. You can read more about AERGO Enterprise on our Blocko site.

The Aergo Enterprise 2.0 update consists of the following key releases:

  1. Aergo Enterprise Manager (AEM 2.0 Update)
  2. Aergo Connect v2.0
  3. Ledger Support
  4. Server v1.3 New Feature

1. Aergo Enterprise Manager 2.0 update

The Aergo Enterprise Manager is a suite for clients who want to deploy their own sidechain on the Aergo mainnet through a web-based independent and integrative management GUI tool (AEM). You may have seen our video on the AERGO Enterprise Manager 1.2 demo recently.

The AEM makes it easy for administrators to deploy and manage their own chain whilst adding or removing nodes on their network without the complexities of doing these things manually. In addition there is support for monitoring the Aergo Chain along with node log processing through its native dashboard to identify any abnormalities and overall state.

2. AergoConnect v2.0

The AergoConnect browser wallet has built-in management of native Aergo tokens on the network and provides access to functions like staking and voting. Install it over at Chrome’s web store.

With version 2.0 we now have several awesome features in store:

  1. Local encrypted private key storage: This means your credentials never leave your computer.
  2. Ability to manage accounts on multiple Aergo blockchains
  3. Send transactions, both value transfers and contract calls with the support for governance transactions (Staking, Voting)
  4. Export and Import encrypted keystore files
  5. dApp API: Interact with enabled websites directly!
  6. Experimental: Connect Ledger hardware wallet — more TBA.

3. Ledger Support

We’ve recently also published an article and video tutorial on How to use Ledger Nano with Aergo Connect (Beta). Hardware wallets are a secure way to store your cryptographic keys and are highly recommended if you store significant value in your Aergo account.

Seeing that the Ledger app is not yet available in Ledger Live, using it requires some technical knowledge and for those who are keen can try it out with our guide above. Keep your eyes peeled for a future update!

4. Server v1.3 New Feature

The v1.3.0 now includes Aergo-JDBC; which means that Aergo includes a JDBC-compatible database interface. Developers can now use this to connect to a smart contract as if it were a database and significantly improves ease of use.

Though in order to achieve this we had upgraded the SQL support in Lua contracts. Though it is noted that this feature is only available on private networks deployed on the AERGO Blockchain. We’ve also updated the Polaris version filter, which prevents the older version of aergoserver from getting the peer list.

. . .

It has been quite a flurry in developer activity for the recent months on AERGO; significantly improving the usability and utility of the Aergo chain. All of these updates can be found on our Github page as well as announced on our Telegram or Twitter. Make sure you’re subscribed as we share our ongoing releases and further developments.

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