Fermat Mainnet Launch

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30 June 2020 — Today we are pleased to announce VSYS v0.3.1. This latest release will support new features of Fermat Smart Contract, mainly focus on lock contract, payment channel contract and non-fungible token contract. The new features will be activated after block height becomes 13140520 (around 31 July 2020). You can find more about VSYS v0.3.1 detailed here on Github.

In line with the ongoing ambition to improve the usability of the V Systems blockchain, the new smart contract features have been created with an aim to expand beyond traditional payment methods. Specifically, these updates should allow a large number of new applications, high-frequency transactions, micro-transactions, pay-by-use for service providers, proof of ownership, and many others.

All the new features in the latest release have been activated on the VSYS Testnet since May. We have also conducted thorough testing in order to ensure that all of the functionality of the smart contract is working as expected. We will continue to run the tests to provide ongoing support and ensure the robustness of release.

During the v0.3.1 upgrade process, all supernodes of the V Systems network will also be informed with the necessary requirements and steps.

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We continue to regularly iterate new features into V Systems to provide developers a more stable and user-friendly platform. Community participation is encouraged, as feedback provides insight into the specific needs of developers. If you would like to offer feedback on the platform and work more closely with our team, you can contact our developer relations team at Github.


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