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Friday 19th June, Noon CEST — UPDATE

Hello Chilizens,

WOW. The last 6 months have been intense, with the launch of our app, reaching 250k downloads, announcing more teams, more partnerships, more features, launch of the exchange and bridging it with our app, etc …With 65 colleagues, Chiliz has never been more solid than it is today, with its business model being validated, generating revenue, providing utility to its users (fans & traders), supporting income for the clubs and so much more to come. After next week, and the — expected — success of FC Barcelona token launch, our position as a unique innovator in the sports & entertainment space will be validated.

A lot of major clubs are waiting to know how long it’s gonna take to be sold out next week, to sign-off with & Chiliz vision. Last few days, our partnership team has been receiving more and more interest. Next week will be a game-changer for us. It is not about the CHZ price, the BAR price or whatever. It will go up and down. It is the market. But it will be about us delivering more and more, as we promised. Our long term roadmap and innovation

The FC Barcelona launch was announced for a few months already and a lot of our users were already impatient to be the first to one some BAR, but our last announcement a few days ago triggered significant interest from both sports & crypto communities. Why? Because in sports, like in crypto, it is all about scarcity.

Scarcity: the perfect match of sports & crypto.

Sports is the opium of people. I’m often asked why did we limit the amount of Fan Tokens being sold at the launch? Well, it is the same in any sports-related launch. Ticketing for World Cup, New Limited Edition of a Jersey in one shop, VIP experiences, Reselling of Tickets in any matches, etc … The world of sports and crypto, is somehow very similar.

But when you mix both, it is explosive.

Queue in front of PSG Shop on Champs Elysees for a special launch.

We’ve listened to the feedback of our users by email, social media, telegram channels, …It is a difficult balance to find, there is no perfect answer between token economics, fans & crypto demand. But, we also need to learn how to improve over time. Whatever will happen with Barca, will give us so much to make it better for the next Barca, either for Cricket, UFC, Basketball, Baseball and of course for the football teams we are onboarding and have not announced yet.

As we have 2 channels of distribution of $BAR Monday. Mobile App

On, which is more casual fan-oriented, we decided to offer a 45 minutes window where any user can buy up to 50 BAR (100 Euros). So from 13.00 CEST to 13.45 CEST, users will be able to buy only a maximum of 50 BAR per user. That will give some time to a lot of CHZ holders and early adopters to buy FC Barcelona tokens, up to the supply available.

From 13.45 CEST, we will change the upper limit of 50 BAR to 1,500 BAR (3,000 Eur) until the supply is fully sold.

The supply is currently 200,000 $BAR. We increased it to 250,000 $BAR. — Web Only.

On, which is more towards crypto enthusiasts — which are also early adopters of our vision, with bigger crypto wallets too we adjusted like this.

The minimum buy-in will be 500 BAR equivalent in CHZ, it’s called a Set on platform. The maximum will be 4 sets (2,000 BAR equivalent in CHZ). You can buy only per set, so per 500 BAR. (ie: you can’t buy 1250 BAR).

We also changed the holding limit. Requirements to participate is to hold at least 150,000 CHZ in their account AT THE TIME of the sale. As FC Barcelona PR is starting to push today (see links here & here), it will create more interest from every perspective and we need to protect the interest of CHZ holders and potential fans/users.

The Fan Token Offering page to participate on will be available only on the website, so make sure you can log from the site and it will be live latest at 10am CEST Monday.

The supply is currently 300,000 $BAR. We increased it to 350,000 $BAR.

— First come, First serve —

As originally stated, the total of circulating supply from 24th at 1pm CEST will be 1M $BAR, including the 250,000 $BAR from, the 350,000 $BAR from and liquidity provided to support launch in case of.

We believe this is the right compromise, to let early adopters jump in, crypto enthusiasts to be part of it and also building-up the foundation of a long journey for FC Barcelona token holders, as much as we do with other teams.

Good luck everybody.

$BARローンチ — アップデート内容について



凄まじい半年間でした。Socios.comアプリのローンチ、25万ダウンロード達成、チーム提携発表、業務提携発表、機能追加、取引所サービス開始、Socios.comとChiliz.netの連携 — 65名のスタッフを抱えるまでに成長したChilizは過去一番のコンディションで業務を進めています。弊社のビジネスモデルも段々と確実なものとなってきており、収益も上がるようになり、ユーザーの皆様に対してユーティリティを確実に提供しながら提携クラブの収益源を作り出すことができ始めています。来週に控えるFCバルセロナファントークンのローンチの成功に続き、世界のスポーツ&エンタメ業界における弊社の立ち位置はより確立されたものとなるでしょう。


数ヶ月前にFCバルセロナトークンのローンチを発表してからというもの、多くの方々に$BARについてのお問い合わせをいただいておりました。火曜日に詳細を発表した$BAR FTOについてもスポーツ&暗号資産業界から大きな反響をいただくことができました。スポーツ業界でも暗号資産業界でも、Scarcity(希少性)が鍵を握っていると言えるでしょう。





メール、SNS、そしてテレグラム 公式グループで皆様の声に耳を傾けさせていただきました。トークンエコノミー、ファンそして暗号資産視点での需要。この3つのバランスをとることは非常に難しいのですが、この度満を持して行うFCバルセロナのトークンセールで私たちは多くの学びを得ることができるでしょう。クリケット、UFC、バスケットボール、野球、そして更なるサッカーチームを迎え続けていく弊社にとってこれ以上の好機はありません。

再度のご案内となりますが、6月22日の$BAR FTOは【Socios.comと】、この2つのプラットフォームで同時開催させていただきます。 モバイルアプリ

Socios.comで開催される$BAR FTOでは、より多くのバルサファンの方々に$BARを手に入れていただけるよう、FTO開始後45分の間は誰でも50$BAR(100ユーロ相当)を購入可能といたします。日本時間20:00から20:45の間は、ユーザー1人につき$BAR50枚を購入いただけます。


サプライ:当初200,000BARと発表していたSocios.com分の$BARサプライを250,000$BARに引き上げさせていただきます。 デスクトップ版のみで実施

Chiliz.netでの$BAR FTOには、主に暗号資産ユーザーによる利用を想定した変更を加えさせていただきます。




ファン・トークン・オファリング専用のページをChiliz.netデスクトップ版に設置いたしますので、Chiliz.netでの$BAR FTOに参加する際は必ずデスクトップ版にアクセスしていただくようお願いいたします。専用ページは6月22日(月)日本時間17:00に公開される予定です。


— 全て先着順となります。 —




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