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Today, we are excited to announce that Ankr has enabled PCHAIN public node hosting through our one-click node hosting solutions designed for a seamless user experience which doesn’t require any technical background to deploy.

The collaboration with Ankr will enable PCHAIN to quickly reach 100 nodes on its mainnet and scale up for much more.

Staking and voting with PCHAIN nodes on Ankr

The PCHAIN voting dynamic is different from the traditional way of voting as it uses an algorithm driven dynamic bid (DBID) system to select its dynamic super nodes.

PCHAIN has two types of Validator nodes, both available via Ankr.

  • Candidate node: 10,000 PI mandatory deposit, delegations (external voting wallets) enabled.
  • Bidder node: 100,000 PI mandatory deposit, no delegations, personal balance voted in the node wallet.

Once a month (aka an “Epoch”), PCHAIN launches a new round of DBID to increase the number of dynamic super nodes, month by month.

As the PCHAIN ecosystem grows, thousands of nodes will become PCHAIN dynamic verification nodes and participate in the unique and patented PDBFT algorithm consensus.

To celebrate our collaboration, Ankr and PCHAIN are launching a joint campaign: one month of free hosting and a shared delegation pool of 3,600,000 PI for the first 36 newly Ankr hosted candidate nodes!

How to participate in the campaign:

Good question. First of all, your PCHAIN node should be deployed as a node on Ankr, and when it’s up and running, you can register your node as a candidate with PCHAIN during their 0–75% period in the new epoch, if your balance is at least 10,000 PI tokens.

  1. Set up a PCHAIN Candidate Node on Ankr by completing all the steps in the tutorial
  2. When applying for a candidate, set a commission between 5% and 15%.
  3. Send the below information via email to
  • Candidate Node Name
  • Public Address
  • Deployment date
  • Commission %

4. Tweet about your experience with:

  • A screenshot of your node, see example above
  • Tag @pchain_org and @ankr
  • Hashtag #PCHAIN, #Ankr, #AnkrYourNode, $ANKR and $PI

To deploy your node on Ankr, an upfront payment of 10.01 USD is required, and this gives you up to roughly 8 days of hosting services. Once registered with PCHAIN, the first 36 candidates will receive 39 USD worth of free hosting credits from Ankr.

Remember: there’s only 36 spots available for this, and sharing in the delegation pool of 3,600,000 PI tokens is on a first come, first served basis. If you are eligible, you’ll receive 100,000 PI tokens delegated to your node.

The 100,000 PI tokens will generate extra staking income for you, which you can keep, while PCHAIN will keep ownership of the 100,000 delegated tokens. The use of these delegated tokens will be decided via a community vote when the campaign ends, 12 EPOCHs from now, in June 2021.

Why Ankr?

Ankr’s simple, no-frills web app gives you the power to run your own nodes with a single click. Okay maybe not a single click, literally. You’d need a few more as you begin the process, but yes, once you’re signed up, you can set up your node of choice from our node market with just a few simple steps.

We offer the lowest pricing for node hosting solutions, and you can host your PCHAIN Public Node for 39USD per month, paid with your ANKR, USDT or credit card.

All that in less than 5 minutes. Here’s how.


PCHAIN mainnet was launched on March 30th 2019 with a unique multi-chain framework enabling large-scale industrial applications of blockchain smart contracts in an hybrid and fully interoperable ecosystem with PCHAIN public permissionless main chain at its core.

PCHAIN takes advantage of both types of blockchain: public permissionless and private permissioned. By making public and private blockchains interoperable, organizations can isolate and control sensitive data on a private blockchain while still safely interacting with the world at large through an interoperable public blockchain.


You can find the most relevant FAQ’s and interact directly with our customer service agents at, or contact the admins in our official Telegram Node Support group

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