How to run a PCHAIN Validator on the Ankr Cloud

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In this tutorial, we will show you how to run a PCHAIN node and become a candidate

Deploy your PCHAIN node on Ankr

  1. Head to to deploy and select Deploy A Node

2. Search or scroll down to find the PCHAIN card, hover over it and press Deploy

3. Now you are taken to the configuration page. The hardware configuration is already set at the optimal system requirements, but you are allowed to increase the specifications if you wish to do so.

The platform also recommends a cluster, which is usually the one that has the most freely available resources. In this particular case, the recommended cluster is the UK cluster, but another cluster may be recommended depending on your location.

4. The application name for use in the Ankr application is pre-filled. You can change it if you want.

5. To deploy a Validator Node or apply for a Candidate Node, you need a Bls Key and a PCHAIN wallet connected to your node. Ankr can generate a new wallet that you can download and import into your PiWallet application. Or you can use your own Pchain account.

Make your selection:

  • Let Ankr generate a PCHAIN account for you: the newly generated account information will be available after the node is deployed. Ankr does not offer a password retrieval mechanism so please make sure to backup your password
  • Upload your own PCHAIN account by providing your Keystore and password. For information on how to download and install your own PCHAIN wallet and to create an account please consult the official documentation here.

By default only the main chain will be synced but you can explicitly choose to sync the child chain at this stage by ticking the box.

6. Select your preferred payment option (ANKR ERC-20, USDT or credit card). If you choose to pay with cryptocurrency you need to deposit funds on the generated address. Once the funds are received, you can proceed by clicking the Deploy Node button.

7. After the deployment is completed you can find the details and status of your node on the Information tab.

PCHAIN has 12 epochs per year, which each last one month. In each epoch there are 4 phases. On the Information tab the current Epoch is displayed.

If you choose to let Ankr generate a PCHAIN account for you, make sure that you download and store the newly generated account keystore safely! This information is not stored by Ankr anywhere and can not be retrieved if you lose it!

Become a Validator in the PCHAIN network

8. Switch to the Manage tab, where you can perform more actions on your node.

To become a validator you need to hold at least 10,000 PI in the PCHAIN wallet associated with you Ankr node.

9. Send at least 10,000 PI tokens to your wallet. You can verify your account balance by clicking the refresh button .

Before applying to become a candidate, please wait for the chain to be fully synced. This can take up to a couple of hours.

10. Once the chain is synced, click the Apply button to become a candidate and provide the necessary information.

11. After your candidate submission you need to register your candidate for staking on this page. This step is necessary so that your node can be seen by other users and they can delegate tokens to your node.

12. In order to become a validator, you also need to Vote.

13. To reveal votes you can click the Reveal button.

14. Enter your Account Password and click Submit

15. Once the application process is completed and the transaction is successful, your node will be visible in the PCHAIN explorer. A small green tick will appear next to the candidate label on the Manage tab, which confirms you node as a candidate.


You can find the most relevant FAQ’s and interact directly with our customer service agents at, or contact the admins in our official Telegram Node Support group

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