BTU Protocol team is proud to become administrator of the TECH IN France board !

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BTU Protocol is the first blockchain company to be named among the administrators of TECH IN France, the voice of the digital industry in France (400 members).

Meeting in a General Assembly on Tuesday, July 3 in Paris, the members of TECH IN France, proceeded to the election of their new president and the renewal of the Board of Directors. Hervé Hababou, president of 808 Labs and of the BTU Protocol project was named into this board.

Pierre-Marie Lehucher salutes “this diversity who does the wealth of the association where are represented the most beautiful company of the digital and the software industry. They are international, they consolidate the sector, they create long-term jobs, they drive digital growth in France and they develop essential partnerships for startups !”

Read the complete communication of TECH IN France on this French article.

What TECH IN France is ?

TECH IN France was established in 2005[1] (originally named Association Française des Editeurs de Logiciels et Solutions Internet) to compensate the represensation gap of digital actors and to contribute to their development.

TECH IN France gathers more than 400 companies: majors, SMEs, startups, international actors…

TECH IN France missions:
1) Act to relay the voice of digital companies towards institutions and public authorities
2) Ensure the promotion of the strategic role played by digital companies in the economy and society
3) Stimulate the digital ecosystem by providing a wide range of support services which improve companies’ performance
4) Lead the community: create opportunities for dialogue, networking, exchanges of good practices and identification of business opportunities

TECH IN France Key figures
400 member enterprises throughout France
80 % of SMEs & startups along with top players
A permanent team of 10 collaborators
10 workshops or permanent working groups
50 networking and best practices events a year
Public Affairs: about 10 position papers a year, 30 public hearings, and tangible successes concerning regulation subjects
14 services specifically dedicated to our members’ issues
A strong support on social legislation and collective agreement issues
4 key studies a year to understand the market evolutions

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