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Hello, members of the Carry Community!

We are pleased to share with you the latest updates of the Carry project for May, 2020. While preparing for next month’s product launch, we participated in several external activities and community engagements this month. Let us share those below!

Carry News

Ahead of the Carry service announcement next month, we had time to think about how the recent coronavirus pandemic can affect blockchain innovation and industry.

│ Webinar by BiKi X SpaceTravel: Discussion on the Blockchain Innovation & Growth Opportunities

Carry Co-CEO Richard Choi participated in the webinar hosted by SpaceTravel and BiKi Exchange, and spoke about “Blockchain Innovation & Growth Opportunities in the post-pandemic era”. More than 600 people registered beforehand attended the webinar and shared the questions live.

Speaker Session by Richard

Following the brief introduction of Carry and about himself, Richard discussed the future transition of traditional services to blockchain, using the Carry as an example. He shared his perspectives on how blockchain projects should be implemented in the offline world, emphasizing that successful adoption will start by stripping away complexities of the technology.

The most important thing is that users do not care about technology that powers the service, as long as it works and provides them with enough value. The first feature of Carry will be announced and released next month to reach out to as many users as possible in Korea.

Panel discussion: Bitcoin Halving, Regulations

After the speaker session, there was a panel discussion with Kevin Pang (advisor, SpaceTravel), Ethan Ng (CEO, BiKi Exchange), Nguyen Nhat Quang (COO, VIC), and Shashwat Gupta (Co-founder & CEO, Altcoin Buzz). Following the questions from the host Krissy, the panels shared their opinions on the impact of Bitcoin Halving and cryptocurrency regulations.

When asked about his opinion on the market’s volatility and whether or not there is any measure or solutions to lower it, Richard stated that there is no way to sustainably decrease volatility for cryptocurrencies and that projects should embrace it instead. Regarding regulation, Richard stated that regulating cryptocurrency is the necessary first step in wide-spread adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

According to Shashwat, what we witnessed recently was just a trailer of regulatory boundaries around the crypto world, and we could expect to see a huge regulatory change in the next 5 years or so. Also, Ethan added that by more strictly regulating cryptocurrency projects and even requiring exchanges to acquire licenses, governments can legitimize the industry and give more confidence to the users.

│ Insight: How Carry will unfold its plans for mass adoption

The recent discussion is a good reminder of how Carry will start to execute on its plans for mass adoption despite widely spread public sentiment of fear and uncertainty due to the global pandemic.

The first Carry feature will be built right into the Dodo Point loyalty solution. Dodo Point sees regular and steady offline traffic and Carry’s data collection feature will be integrated with consumer’s Dodo Point app. This feature will reach millions of monthly users who do not even have to know what blockchain is. We monitor usage metrics upon days and weeks of initial release prior to releasing additional features.

Stay tuned for our project update next month!

Community Engagement

  1. Carry X Bananatok Community Airdrop & Quizzes (May 4th-8th)

Carry participated in the community collaboration event with Bananatok, the blockchain social messenger, and had CRE airdrops & quizzes from May 4th to 8th, 19:15 KST every day with its global telegram community. +5,000 participants were able to receive CRE airdrops through Bananatok Wallet.

2. SpaceTravel & BiKi Webinar Event (May 21–22)

We opened a question form before the webinar and selected 5 best questions to answer after the panel discussion session. The winners will receive $20 worth MAC tokens by May 30th.

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3. Pundi X & CRE Payment 50% Discount for a Cup of Coffee (May 25th-June 28th)

To showcase what cryptocurrency payments might be like as envisioned by our partner Pundi X, we are working with Pundi X and a cafe in Seoul for CRE payment promotion. This campaign provides a 50% discount for those who pay with CRE using Pundi X terminals at a local coffee shop “Offchain Cafe” in Hongdae, Seoul. If you pay with Carry tokens during the event period, we will return 50% of the amount your Pundi wallet on Wednesday, July 1st.

Notice: Token Distribution Announcement

We announced through Upbit’s announcement channel that CRE token distribution for all investors is now completed. The token distribution for “private placement”, “pre-crowd contribution”, and “crowd contribution” is completed as of May 2020, and there will be no further distribution for contributors after May 2020.

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Product Development

The team is preparing for Carry data collection launch next month. While the product team is working hard to get the product out in time, marketing and operations team is preparing for launch activities. We will share more details next month. Please stay tuned until then.

Thanks for your continued support!

Team Carry

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