Klaytn’s New DevTools Partnership Announcement

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Today we are excited to announce a new partnership program: ‘DevTools Partners.’

The first partner to join is Ozys, which has earlier participated in the Klaytn ecosystem to build a decentralized token swap tool called ‘Klaytn Swap’ using its ‘Orbit Chain.’ Through the new devtools partnership, Ozys plans to build various blockchain-based protocols and modules for the Klaytn ecosystem.

Ozys will first work on enhancing ‘Klaytnscope,’ the block explorer that monitors block activities on the Klaytn platform. It will also optimize ‘Klaytn IDE,’ the web-based compiler that allows developers to build Klaytn smart contracts without installing a separate development tool. Further, Ozys will develop more protocols that can organically connect Klaytn network, blockchain applications, and users.

“We are happy to continue working with Klaytn as its devtools partner, and we will actively participate in and contribute to the Klaytn ecosystem by building useful developer tools and protocols.” — T.K. Park, the CEO of Ozys

We will offer active support for Ozys including development support and co-marketing programs.

Thank you.

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Klaytn is a global public blockchain platform developed by Ground X, the blockchain affiliate of the leading South Korean Internet company, Kakao. Klaytn is a service-centric blockchain platform providing intuitive development environment and friendly end-user experience. It is built upon solid reliability and significant stability with substantial service development for mass adoption. The platform allows real world applications of large scale to be produced right away so that our end-users can make full use of services without much expertise in blockchain or cryptocurrency.

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