Mid-Year Update From NOIA Co-Founders

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With our business gaining traction with global tech partners, there has never been a better time to update the NOIA community on our core strategy, technological milestones, token utility model, and progress surrounding our proprietary Distributed Autonomous Routing Protocol (DARP).

Our team has worked tirelessly in 2020, and we expect to deliver on several valuable goals by the end of the year. To dive deeper into NOIA’s key challenges and opportunities, we gathered our founding team to deliver personal updates on what we’re working on, why it’s so valuable, and what to expect in the near future.

As always, our entire team is available to answer any questions via our Telegram Channel.

Business Overview

NOIA CEO Domas Povilauskas covers how and why we built the world’s most advanced networking technology, charting the potential for our market solution, with details on where we are dedicating resources this year.

Tech Overview

NOIA CTO Jonas Simanavicius dives into our biggest technological achievements to date, with a detailed walk-through of our SDN and the NOIA Platform, which brings our technology to large enterprises around the world, establishing immediate demand for our network and token.

Token Utility

NOIA COO Domantas Jaskunas reviews the NOIA token’s place and purpose within our entire tech ecosystem. Holding NOIA tokens is comparable to owning a piece of the NOIA economy, and we’re working with leading experts to align the token’s utility with adoption of our network.

Distributed Autonomous Routing Protocol (DARP)

NOIA Chief Tech Liaison Bill Norton demonstrates recent advancements in our proprietary DARP technology, highlighting its value to NOIA’s large SRv6 backbone, and its potential to become the standard mechanism for connecting to the public internet.

Join NOIA Network’s AMA Session

On Monday, the first day of summer, NOIA Network will be hosting an AMA session. Our co-founders look forward to your questions. See you soon!

Place: NOIA Network Telegram Channel
1 June 2020, 4 pm (UTC)

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