Welcome, FLETA’s Music Street Is On-Air!

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FLETA’s Wallet Street has launched a new service, Music Street. It is a 24/7 music streaming service on Youtube. It provides chill and relaxing music for work, study, relaxing at a cafe etc. You can enjoy free music anytime with Music Street!

What is especially distinctive about Music Street is that you can get a reward if you listen to its music frequently.

On the upper side of the video, you can see an alphabet and question marks. They are altogether a code of Amazon eGift card. Amazon eGift card code is a combination of 16 alphabets and numbers, and it is open to all listeners.

The reward for the listeners is $10~$1000 Amazon eGift card, and its code will be revealed one by one while streaming. The first number of codes will be revealed at 8:00 GMT. Other numbers will be shown one by one every hour. As you can see in the image, question marks are veiled numbers, and A is revealed number.

To get the reward, you should listen to music often and check all the numbers. Only one person can win the reward, so you should also be quick!

🌟How to redeem $10~$1000 Amazon eGift card:

  1. Go to Amazon website and sign in. Click ‘Your Account’ of Account & Lists

2. Go to ‘Gift Cards’

3. Click ‘Redeem a Gift Card’

4. Enter the code you got and click ‘Apply to your balance’

Music Street is also advertised on FHL Games’, one of the biggest content publishing platforms of Latin America. Music Street is part of the cooperation of FLETA and FHL Games as strategic partners. The details of the partnership are explained here.

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