New Partner-Ankr Brings Node Hosting Solutions to Empower IOST Nodes Network Growth

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IOST Foundation is excited to announce our latest partnership with Ankr to bring affordable and user-friendly node hosting solutions to the IOST nodes community.

Ankr team is committed to building infrastructure for deploying any blockchain node easy, accessible, affordable, and instantly distributed across the globe. This aligns with IOST’s interest in growing our global node ecosystem which has successfully attracted over 400 worldwide nodes at the moment.

Ankr and IOST will leverage their mutual networks and communities to benefit the growth of the IOST node network and usage of Ankr’s node as-a-service solutions. Enabling all community members to run an IOST node and further secure and decentralize the IOST mainnet.

How Ankr will work with IOST?

In what way?

The purpose of Ankr is to take away any possible barriers for users to participate in the IOST network. To achieve this, Ankr will focus heavily on the ease of use and affordable pricing of IOST node hosting solutions

What Ankr brings to IOST?

Ankr’s one-click node deployment application for IOST nodes, which is available in its node market, is a straightforward and effortless way to set up an IOST Full node and participate in the IOST network.

Participants can become a Servi node or a Partner node by staking tokens and start earning rewards from the IOST reward pool.

“It is a huge pleasure to work with such a great team of seasoned experts at IOST. Our goal is to contribute to the most promising projects in the space with our node-as-a-service solutions and for this reason, we support IOST to even further decentralize and strengthen their network.”- Ankr Cofounder & COO Ryan Fang

About Ankr

Ankr is building the blockchain cloud infrastructure to power the Web 3.0; a full-stack cloud service platform and marketplace for container deployment where data center owners monetize their resources.

The Ankr platform enables blockchain node operators to utilize cloud resources from enterprise-grade data centers to easily deploy 100+ different types of blockchain nodes. It also contains an API service for easy developer access to major public blockchains.

The Ankr team is distributed globally alongside a community of over 30,000 supporters. Currently engaging in San Francisco, Shanghai, Seoul, Moscow, Amsterdam, and London; they demonstrate this by actively engaging with members communities from across the globe.

Ankr website:

For all node related questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the Ankr support admins in their Node Support group on Telegram

Join The IOST Community!

IOST’s Partner Program is widely praised as the globally leading staking program by numerous blockchain research institutions with attractive returns, low risk and ease of use as some of the key program highlights. To learn more and participate in one of the world’s top staking program, please visit:

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