Will MixMarvel become Steam of blockchain?

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From May 11, the world-renowned blockchain media Coindesk launched a 5-day #Consensus Distributed — virtual conference, with the topic of “The Best of Consensus: Free & Virtual.” MixMarvel’s CSO, Mary Ma, attended 2020 Consensus at 10:30 am (UTC+8) on May 12 and participated a panel meeting, with the topic of “Mass Adoption: Asia Edition — E-commerce, finance and gaming,” and discussed the current process of blockchain mass adoption with professionals, and analyzed the direction of investment affected by COVID 19 in the blockchain industry.

The panel has a luxurious lineup, with Binance Investment Director, Christy Choi, and Coindesk Korea, Oihyun Kim, as the hosts. MixMarvel’s early investors — top blockchain venture capital institution HashKey Capital CEO, Deng Chao, and HCM Capital, Jack Lee, participated in the discussion.

Mary Ma said that it was a great honor to hear that the industry believes that MixMarvel is going to become the Steam of blockchain. As the world’s leading blockchain game publishing platform, Steam has two core competencies: content and traffic. Its business model meets the needs of publishers and users. The business concept of MixMarvel is mainly compatible with the Steam platform.

For MixMarvel blockchain game publishing platform, we focus on the following aspects:

First is content, MixMarvel developed signature games such as HyperDragons and HyperSnakes and working with leading developers and export our know-how and services to them, to loop them into the MixMarvel ecosystem.

Second is infrastructure, MixMarvel provides the necessary layer-2 solution and SDKs for blockchain games, which solve the primary login and payment issue of blockchain games and improve the user experience both for developers and users using our Layer-2 solution.

Third, MixMarvel focus on services; for the publishing platform, MixMarvel provide services to developers, from the technology level to game token economy design, community construction, marketing, and distribution.

Lastly, MixMarvel focus on traffic resources; MixMarvel have aggregated leading traffic resources to help MixMarvel games get in touch with mass users.

Regarding another important topic of this panel: “During the COVID 19, the business performance and investment direction of the blockchain industry”, Deng Chao said that although the pandemic has slowed the pace of the entire industry, HashKey Capital is still actively reviewing projects. In Q1 2020, they invested in 5 new projects. As for their portfolio companies, most of them are doing good. Deng Chao believes that, no particular industry or asset class is immune to the macro economic cycle. As we discuss the impact of this pandemic, we may need to consider it against the backdrop of the bigger economic cycle. Volatility in the secondary market doesn’t change the fundamentals of the industry. They will continue to be optimistic about the blockchain and continue to actively search for high-quality projects, while also appropriately raising the investment threshold.

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