MixMarvel announced winners of April Blessing Giveaway

Mixmarvel | 05.12| 52

MixMarvel knows the importance of community users and sincerely listens to the voices of community members. Facing the diversified needs of global users, MixMarvel communicates seamlessly with users through dozens of communities, actively builds the world’s leading community-centered blockchain game global publishing platform and builds a more complete blockchain gaming ecosystem.

MixMarvel currently has 50,000+ community users. To better communicate with the communities, MixMarvel has launched a series of community events represented by MeMe Contest and Sticker Maker Contest since the beginning of the year. Users actively interacted and won rewards by participating in topic discussions and designing creative contents. These events have greatly improved the community’s activity and the user’s sense of participation, and further promoted the construction of a consensus system within the community.

Since the launching of Blessing Giveaway on April 13, 2020, MixMarvel has received many blessings from community users, most of which are seed users and core players of MixMarvel. After an official review, the following is the list of winners of this event (in no particular order):

Thanks again to all the community members for their support and love for MixMarvel. The event rewards will be distributed within ten working days after the event ends, stay tuned!

Congratulations to the above winners! Also, to thank every community user who participated in this event. The following is a summary of the blessings from several winning users.

MixMarvel Community:

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