HiCats releases its first prize pool reward of 1.8

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HiCats releases its first prize pool reward of 1.8 million MIX, and announcement of its first upgrade.

On May 3rd, HiCats, a play-to-earn cat breeding casual game developed by Just Studio and published by MixMarvel, entered the second round; the leading players were fiercely competitive. In the process of continuous upgrade and cultivation, the prize pool has also increased greatly. The second round of the game ended at 2020–05–07 21:55(UTC+8), and the first grand prize was distributed. The winning player is receiving 90% of the total prize pool which results in 1,807,062.59 MIX. Also, the remaining 10% of the prize pool has been transferred to the next round. At present, the third round has begun, and the cumulative prize pool has exceeded 211,451.05 MIX with the highest cat level of level-7. It is reported that HiCats is preparing for its first upgrade. After that, users can play smoothly through both PC and mobile versions, and can check all historical records on their mobile phones.

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