Ankr Bi-weekly update 2020–05

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Since our last update, much has happened and we have again made some great achievements. Building and continuously improving a real product along with attracting users from the blockchain communities by promoting our services has made our business more tangible and popular. It is really satisfying to see the number of users grow across our various blockchain node-as-a-service applications.

Ankr is building a marketplace for container-based cloud services using shared resources. On these resources we are building applications to deploy blockchain nodes of all major blockchain protocols. At the moment, almost 40 different protocols are available in our App Store.

Running a blockchain node on the Ankr cloud is accessible for everyone, as it is super easy to deploy and much cheaper than running it on any public cloud provider. In addition to consumers, we provide our node-as-a-service offerings to a range of enterprise customers such as cryptocurrency exchanges, custody providers, staking platforms and investment funds.

Community update

Ankr supports Covid-19 Research with BOINC Rosetta

The Corona pandemic has affected everyday life for most of us, and we have seen many great initiatives coming from the blockchain space to help and contribute to fighting Covid-19 in different ways. Ankr and long-time partners BOINC have teamed up again and presented a one-click deployment solution to contribute compute power to Covid-19 research via the BOINC platform.

The BOINC Rosetta project is fighting the Covid-19 virus by applying knowledge gained from studying viral proteins to guide the design of novel vaccines and antiviral drugs.

Ankr provides all resources at cost-price to have the maximum capacity donated. We have received a lot of support from various communities and some great companies have participated in this initiative by running BOINC Rosetta nodes on the Ankr platform. We want to sincerely thank the team of Binance, Harmony, Matic Network, LTO Network, VIte and Cryptodiffer for their contributions!

You can still participate and donate to the BOINC Rosetta anti-Covid-19 research, read all about it here

We launched our official Node Support group on Telegram

We have noticed that many members of the Ankr community, as well as community members from the projects for which we offer node deployment solutions, have questions about our offerings.

To cater to all interested parties, we have created the Ankr Official Node Support group on Telegram to provide support, information, FAQ’s and updates about our node-as-a-service applications.

The group can be accessed here and has already become the go-to place for all things node related, with participation of our engineering team, admins and team members of Harmony. LTO and Vite.

Business development update

More than 200 Harmony Open Staking nodes running on Ankr!

Our partners at Harmony have recently launched their Open Staking incentivized testnet with the goal of getting new Validator nodes on board and testing the network.

Ankr has developed a one-click node deployment application for Harmony Open Staking testnet nodes, with which users can easily set up an Open Staking Validator node to participate in the Harmony network and earn rewards from the ONE token incentive pool.

To help kickstart this second phase of the Harmony Open Staking campaign we have provided the first two months of hosting free of charge for all participants who run the Harmony node on Ankr.

This campaign has brought over 200 new Harmony Open Staking nodes to our platform! As a result, a major part of the Harmony Network is now running on the Ankr distributed cloud.

The Open Staking testnet nodes and incentives are still available, you can read all about it here.

Ankr and Vite launched Supernode hosting campaign

With our one-click node deployment application for Vite, it has become easier than ever to run a Vite Full node or Supernode and stake VITE tokens. Running a Vite node on Ankr helps secure and decentralize the Vite network and users will be able to vote, stake and earn token rewards. As of the moment of writing, the first Supernodes have been deployed and are running successfully on the Ankr cloud.

Ankr has deployed its own Vite Supernode, which has already received 2 million votes from the Vite team and is now ready to earn rewards. For the campaign, Ankr commits all Supernode rewards to participants who deploy a Vite Supernode on Ankr before May 1st 2020 and also provides a cash-back for the first month of hosting fee.

Read all about it here.

Development update

Our engineering team is still working relentlessly on adding and improving more node-as-a-service applications in our node market.

We have added applications to run an Arweave Miner node and a Solana Validator node and are working to support the upcoming NuCypher Worklock token distribution program, where users can commit ETH tokens to receive locked NU tokens, which can be staked and unlocked by running a NuCypher node.

If you are missing any protocol in our node market, you can vote for your favourite project on our website here.

UX/UI improvements

The UI/UX improvements have been very much focussed on the Harmony Open Staking testnet implementation. As the Validator node still runs on the Harmony testnet, some updates have been executed and we have upgraded our node application and added new and very useful features such as a manual update, application for Validator spot and view of the current status.

Payment methods

We have added automated warning emails for accounts who will be out of credit soon and are currently working on upgrading the billing experience, adding extensive billing information and downloadable invoices.

In addition, we are implementing credit card payments with Stripe to also cater to users who prefer paying with fiat and have automated recurring payments.

We are humbled by your support and will keep working to provide the very best blockchain node-as-a-service platform out there. Thank you!


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