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On April 16th, Ant Financial OpenChain held the “One Chain, All in” Online Conference in Hangzhou, China, and MixMarvel CTO Nep Yan was invited as partner speaker. At the launch conference, MixMarvel signed as Ecosystem Node Partner of the Ant Financial OpenChain. This collaboration is significant not only because MixMarvel will develop more contents on the Ant Financial OpenChain but also because MixMarvel will bring more ecosystem partners to the OpenChain and enrich its Ecosystem.

In early March 2020, MixMarvel developed and launched the Alipay Mini-program version of HyperSnakes. MixMarvel CTO Nep Yan gave a speech of “Building A Next Generation of Hit Blockchain Application”. The following is a summary of the speech:

Hello everyone, this is Nep Yan, CTO of MixMarvel.

MixMarvel is a global blockchain game platform. Our main achievements are layer-2 scaling solution Rocket Protocol and a series of SDKs. These are to lower the threshold for mainstream application developers to enter the blockchain world. At the same time, our team has a profound background in development of interactive marketing products. Our self-developed products have also won multiple global awards.

Cooperation Case — HyperSnakes

HyperSnakes, a Mini program version of the blockchain application based on Ant Financial OpenChain, that has accumulated 120,000 new users and 40,000 daily active users within three days of its launch. Users will obtain unique on-chain assets through captivating interactive behaviors and gradually form their own digital identity. These digital assets and digital identities can run through the entire Mini program platform, helping merchants interact with users more conveniently and accurately.

HyperSnakes has also become a successful model created by MixMarvel based on the OpenChain: product’s bottom layer is based on Ant Financial OpenChain, users enter the application through the entrance of Alipay Mini program, and then realize value transfer through the Jifenbao incentive system, to create a complete business loop.

Blockchain industry challenges

Public chains have a series of problems such as slow response speed, low TPS, high cost, high learning threshold, and lack of development tool, which prevents a large number of developers from developing blockchain applications.

To become mainstream in the future, the blockchain needs to create more popular applications to promote mass adoption, and I think these popular applications will appear in high-frequency scenarios. Due to the problems of low TPS and slow response speed of public chains, it is challenging to create an application with good user experience. When the blockchain network is congested, almost all on-chain applications will enter a state similar to out of service, which is unacceptable to users and developers.

At present, there are 40 million public chain users, most of them are investment users, and only 2% have the willingness to pay. New users have low conversion rates due to issues such as installing blockchain wallets. For example, a few years ago, we had a female user who wanted to register as our game user. It took her 3 hours under the guidance of our customer service to complete the installation of the blockchain wallet. Therefore, the explosion of blockchain applications requires the participation of more people to work together to solve performance, threshold, and experience issues.

Ant Financial OpenChain

After became the ecosystem node of Ant Financial OpenChain, we were surprised to find that OpenChain’s essential services, technology maturity and developer friendliness are much better than those of public chains. In the development of blockchain applications in the OpenChain, we feel like we are developing mainstream applications, with high performance, complete and easy-to-use tools, high-quality documents, and timely technical support.

Besides, the OpenChain also focuses on creating a complete business loop, providing developers with fast traffic access and resource support. For example, our first blockchain application HyperSnakes was launched on Alipay very smoothly. In the future, MixMarvel will use the “HyperSnakes” as a template, continue to help Ant Financial OpenChain to enrich its ecosystem, providing it with more innovative blockchain applications, and allow more and more mainstream users to experience blockchain applications.

In the OpenChain ecosystem, developers will have the opportunity to discuss the entire development process with Ant Financial team, including product design, technical architecture, business loop and operation promotion. As a partner of the ecosystem node, we will also have the opportunity to introduce other excellent developer to join the OpenChain.

We predict that the next generation of blockchain applications have a high probability of bursting in the OpenChain. After more than half a year of cooperation with the Ant Financial team, we believe that the Ant Financial OpenChain has excellent advantages in reducing the threshold of developers, improving development efficiency, creating a business loop, providing resource support, and improving user experience. MixMarvel’s vision is to empower the game industry with blockchain technology, to develop innovative products and new game experience.

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