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Our recent campaigns with LTO and Harmony have proven quite successful and have increased LTO and Harmony nodes run by the community by 50–100%! This achievement shows the real strength of Ankr one-click node deployment and caught the eye of more public blockchain projects looking to expand their networks.

Today we present our Supernode hosting campaign with our partners of Vite.


  • Stake 1,000,000 VITE to run a Vite Supernode
  • Deploy the node in a few easy clicks on the Ankr platform and participate in the campaign
  • Ankr will run a Vite supernode and distribute 100% of the rewards to participants in the campaign
  • Participants will earn a proportional share of Ankr’s Supernode rewards on top of the staking rewards!
  • Hosting fee on Ankr is just 29 USD, the first month is for free!

Ankr & Vite Supernode hosting campaign

Ankr and Vite have been partners since late 2019 and have since then collaborated in different ways to grow our mutual ecosystems. The ANKR/BTC pair was listed on Vite’s decentralized exchange, ViteX and we have been working together on the development of our one-click hosting solutions for Vite nodes, which are now available in our node market.

With our one-click node deployment applications for Vite, it has become easier than ever to run a Vite node and stake VITE tokens. Our solution, combined with Vite’s advanced and intuitive user interface, makes it even more convenient to manage your nodes and wallets on your desktop or mobile device.

Staking VITE tokens will earn the node owners rewards, but also contributes to the security, stability and decentralization of the Vite blockchain. By running your Vite node on Ankr you help expand the Vite network and remove any single point of failure.

On top of this, running a Vite node on Ankr is significantly cheaper than on any public cloud provider, such as Amazon AWS or DigitalOcean.

Ankr achieves these attractive prices and an even more eco-friendly solution, by utilizing idle resources from high-end data centers belonging to large enterprises such as DigitalOcean, Telefonica and Leaseweb, which are globally spread over 5 continents. These enterprises are monetizing their excess capacity on the Ankr platform, and guarantee maximum uptime, equal to or better than Amazon AWS.

About Vite

Vite is a public blockchain and smart contract platform that facilitates fast transactions at zero fees. The Vite mainnet went live in September 2019, and features a Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) framework combined with a unique Snapshot Chain that enables scalability while ensuring security. Asynchronous transaction architecture easily handles high transaction volumes while maintaining steady transaction rates.

Vite has released an easy to use and fully decentralized platform which contains a multi-chain wallet, the ViteX decentralized exchange, a block explorer and options to mine, stake and transact with VITE and VX tokens while managing all of this on one single platform.

Vite has two node types powering the network: the Full node and the Supernode.

Vite Full nodes are responsible for maintaining a complete copy of the ledger, sending or receiving transactions, and verifying all transactions in the network. Full Nodes also participate in the Snapshot Block Producers (SBP) election, voting and staking.

The minimum stake for a Vite Full node is 10,000 VITE, while both voting and staking rewards are distributed on a daily basis. There are already more than 500 Vite Full nodes running, which makes Vite one of the most decentralized and secure public blockchains out there.

Vite Supernodes, or Snapshot Block Producers (also referred to as SBP’s), are special Full nodes which are responsible for producing snapshot blocks and reaching consensus in the Vite network.

The SBP nodes are incentivized by block rewards, which are usually higher than the Full Node rewards. A Supernode must stake as much as 1,000,000 VITE tokens and there are 45 active Supernodes at the moment, of which 5 are run by Vite Labs, which again shows the high level of decentralization of the Vite network.

Ankr one-click node hosting for Vite

Vite is one of the most popular third generation blockchain projects in terms of community activity and node hosting, with currently 45 Supernodes and over 500 Full nodes hosted by community members, currently mainly based in Europe, the US, China and Japan. Vite and Ankr are currently exploring new areas of interest, mainly EMEAI regions, where Ankr has a strong following.

These new users can be reached and on-boarded more effectively by taking away any barrier for potential node hosting. Users with no technical knowledge can deploy a Vite node on Ankr in as little as 5 minutes, while an experienced Linux user needs approximately 3 hours to go through the documentation and set up the node and the VM on any other provider, as well as needing to continually perform upgrades.

To leverage all these benefits and strengthen the Vite network, we present our Supernode hosting campaign together with Vite. The goal is to introduce the Vite Supernodes to a new audience, who can deploy a Vite Supernode and start staking VITE tokens, earn rewards and become block producers (SBP).

But first let’s go through the benefits of running your node on the Ankr platform.

  • With the Ankr one-click deployment application, it takes literally less than 5 minutes to deploy your node. No need to go through any documentation or pricing setup at a public cloud provider.
  • There is zero technical knowledge required to set up a Vite node on the Ankr cloud, which makes it super easy for community members to contribute to the goal of securing and further decentralizing the Vite network.
  • Ankr is the cheapest hosting solution out there. You can host your Vite Full Node for 19 USD per month! Hosting a Supernode is available at 29 USD per month.
  • You can pay for the hosting fee with ANKR tokens or USDT (credit card payments will be added soon)
  • Ankr support specialists provide 24/7 support in all timezones around the globe

And of course we have some very interesting incentives for those who run a Vite Supernode on Ankr!

Ankr runs a Vite Supernode and will distribute all rewards to campaign participants!

Vite and Ankr are aiming to expand the Vite network by incentivizing community members to run a Vite Supernode. While contributing to the Vite network, participants stake VITE tokens and earn staking, voting and block producing rewards.

As an early partner, Ankr is running a Vite Supernode (find the list of Vite Supernodes here and search for AnkrSupernodeVite) and commits all Supernode rewards to participants who deploy a Vite Supernode on Ankr before May 1st 2020 and run it for a period of at least 3 months.

This means that you will not only earn staking rewards on your node, but you will also get to share in the reward pool and earn your share of Ankr’s Supernode rewards.

Moreover, Vite Labs will cast 200 million votes to Ankr’s Supernode As appreciation for Ankr’s contribution to Vite’s ecosystem. This will significanty increase the rewards received from the Ankr Supernode.

In addition, Ankr will provide a cash-back for the first month of hosting fee for all participating Supernodes.

How does this work?

First, you need 1,000,000 VITE tokens in your Vite wallet, before setting up the node. You can also participate with an already existing Supernode!

  • Set up the Vite Supernode on Ankr before May 1st and keep it running for at least 3 months
  • Follow @ankr and @vitelabs on Twitter, like and retweet the campaign announcement
  • Tweet a screenshot of your node, adding how easy it was to set up
  • Tag @ankr and @vitelabs in your tweet and add #AnkrYourNode

After we have received your payment for the first month of hosting, we will airdrop 29 USD worth of tokens to your wallet.

After each full month of hosting, we will airdrop your share of the Ankr Supernode rewards in your Vite node wallet. This will happen as long as your Vite Supernode is running on Ankr!

How to set up the node?

All you need is a Vite wallet and an account at It has never been easier to set up a blockchain node, you shouldn’t even need a tutorial! But in case you prefer some guidance, we have prepared one for you, find it here.

This guide also shows how to move your current Supernode to Ankr, and save up to 40% on your current hosting fees.

Be sure to have your Vite wallet ready, and if you follow the recommended setup, you will be done in just a few clicks!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact any of our admins in our Node Support group on Telegram.


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