MixMarvel releases community users’ latest Dragon works

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In the first week after the launch of HyperDragon’s new activity “April Dragon Creation Month”, MixMarvel received many Dragon designs from all over the world. Among the first batch of submitted works, “God of the Sea Poseidon”, designed by “高岭之草”, took the lead and became the first selected work.

Thanks to the enthusiastic participation of players, dragon trainers created a series of new NFT Dragons. In mid-April, “Poseidon” will be put on sale in HyperDragons Go! after being optimized by technical staff and the revenue of this Dragon will be rewarded to its designer.

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In HyperDragon’s “April Dragon Creation Month,” players can get 300 MIX as a reward immediately after submission and can also get an additional 1,000 MIX after being selected.

For submission rules, please check:

Showcase of the first selected work:

Submitted work
Final draft

Contributor: 高岭之草

Name of Dragon: God of the Sea Poseidon

Rewards: 1300 MIX

Poseidon: There is an ancient god in the depths of the Aegean Sea. His majesty is comparable to the endless vitality and flood of the earth. Whenever he waves his trident, it can not only easily set off huge waves, but also cause storms and tsunamis, and sink the mainlands, destroying everything.

He heard that there are all kinds of cute dragons and brave dragon trainers in a distant land, so he changed the majesty of its past and transformed himself into a Dragon to sneak into it. He would write his own new chapter on this land.

Showcase of other selected works:


Rewards: 300 MIX each

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