How to deploy a Harmony Open Staking node on Ankr

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In this tutorial, we will show you how to run a Harmony Open Staking Testnet node on Ankr and participate in the P2 stage of Open Staking with 10,000,000 ONE tokens as incentives.

Deploy Harmony Open Staking Testnet node on Ankr

  1. Head to to deploy and select Deploy A Node

2. Scroll down to find the Harmony card, hover over it and press Deploy on Open Staking Testnet

3. The hardware configuration is already set at the optimal system requirements.

4. The platform recommends the cluster that has the most freely available resources. In this particular case, the recommended cluster is Canada cluster, but another cluster may be recommended depending on your location.

Specific Node Configuration

1. In order to deploy the Node, Ankr will generate a BLS Key and a Harmony Wallet for you. For security reasons, these two keys will be encoded with a password that must be set in the Encryption Password field. Please make sure to write this password somewhere safe in order to regain access to your keys.

2. Next, you need to insert a node name in order to identify and get realtime stats of the node on the Harmony Validator Explorer, once your node is elected as a Validator.

3. Now press Deploy to finish the Harmony Open Staking node deployment.

Node Status and Staking

1. Congratulations, your Harmony node is deploying. Click on the Node to check the details.

2. In order to be eligible for a Validator seat, you need to have test tokens in your wallet. These tokens can be obtained by using the built-in function available on the Manage tab, named Receive Testnet Tokens.

3. If the operation was successful, you will see the following pop-up message.

4. Your ONE token balance will be reflected in the Wallet Token Amount. If you don’t see your ONE tokens, wait for a minute or press the Refresh button.

5. Once the ONE tokens are visible in your token wallet, you can Apply for Validator.

6. When the Validator is approved, you see the Node Type field updated to Validator status.

7. You can check your Validator Information on the Harmony Validator Explorer by clicking the View Button.

8. If you are unable to see your validator, please make sure that Open Staking Network is selected from Networks Tab on the Harmony Explorer.

Congratulations, you are now running a Harmony Validator on the Open Staking Testnet!

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