Monthly Report | MixMarvel March 2020

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In March, the focus of MixMarvel has mainly been on the brand upgrade and the launch of its new official website. Also, HyperSnakes launched its mini program version, as a blockchain application based on Ant Financial OpenChain, on Alipay’s latest topic of “epidemic resistance”.

Looking back on February, MixMarvel was listed as one of the Top 50 blockchain game companies on and published HiCats, a casual cat-breeding blockchain game developed by Just Studio, in the community of OKB.

February Highlights:

  • HiCats, a casual cat-breeding blockchain game published by MixMarvel, was officially launched. This game was developed by Just Studio and promoted to the community users of the OKB ecosystem.
  • MixMarvel Global and Korean community players were enthusiastic about creation. Global community users designed brand memes to pass on the MixMarvel culture. Korean players edited HyperSnakes videos and drove the atmosphere of community.
  • ranked MixMarvel as one of the top 50 blockchain game companies of 2020.

March Highlights:

  • The mini program version of HyperSnakes on Ant Financial OpenChain, accumulated 120,000 new users and 40,000 daily active users within three days of its launch.
  • MixMarvel launched a brand-new official website and upgraded its WeChat Official Account.
  • MixMarvel was invited to talk with DappRadar, the world’s leading DApp data and distribution platform.
  • MixMarvel confirmed that it will attend the Consensus 2020 Virtual in May.
  • MixMarvel partners with Xangle to provide public disclosure.

Next month, MixMarvel will focus on community development, online conference preparation, and expansion of game product lines.

About MixMarvel

MixMarvel is a global blockchain game publishing platform powered by blockchain that sets the best practice of blockchain mass adoption, linking global channels of distribution with the best quality contents and the mass blockchain game players.

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