Sticker Maker Contest: MixMarvel Community lifted a new wave of creation

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Following the MeMe Contest, MixMarvel community’s loyal fans lifted a new wave of creation. The Sticker Maker Contest allows players to showcase their talents and ideas. Many players joined this brainstorm, fully exerting their imagination and creativity to create a series of stickers that deeply describe the culture of MixMarvel.

Sticker works from Awarded users

Show Your Attitude: Sticker Culture is Everywhere

The Stickers can play the role of propaganda, calling, and resonate with thoughts. It represents a culture, sound and attitude. Around the world, many Sticker enthusiasts specialize in collecting stickers that have special commemorative meanings or have the effect of enlightenment.

Sticker Culture is especially evident in American brands. For example, among many respected American street culture brands, Sticker is often released as every season series item, such as the big names Supreme, VANS, HUF, The Hundreds, Diamond.Co, Obey, and so on. At the same time, the exciting bumper sticker phenomenon in Western car culture is also a derivative of Sticker Culture. Car owners make stickers related to humor, religion, politics, etc. on the front and rear bumpers of the vehicle. Especially on the eve of the presidential election, many people will put a bumper sticker on the car to support candidates.

Emotional and Scenery Design: Personalized Sticker Emoji

Sticker is also one of the most popular elements of chat platforms. On the wave of creativity, the communication of text and images pays more attention to emotional design. Sticker, as a scene-based expression, is an auxiliary content born with information communication. After continuous evolution, this diversified image has strong expressive power and is attractive, motivating players to share and spread.

In the era of information explosion, traditional methods of brand promotion have been difficult to impress users in fragmented channels, let alone in-depth communication to boost brand awareness. Sticker Contest uses influential platforms such as Telegram and Twitter to reach younger groups by a more tangible and interactive way. It enhances the reach of brand to the young users gradually. Then, through word-of-mouth marketing, and stickers as a transferable medium, users establish the recognition of blockchain games and improve user stickiness, which would enhance brand awareness and exposure.

Sticker works from Awarded users

In this Sticker Maker Contest, we received a lot of amazing works, including attractive illustrations, exquisite GIFs and other forms of pictures. MixMarvel will continue to encourage users to create Stickers. In the future, these Stickers will also be given real value, so that users can also benefit from it while creating.

Winning testimonials from the Champion:

I would like to thank the MixMarvel and its creators for choosing my Stickers as a winner on the said event!
Thank you so much and more power and success to your project!!

MixMarvel community:

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