April:Dragon Creation Month

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April: Dragon Creation Month

Submission Date (TBD): starting on April 1st

In April, please use your creativity to draw the shape of the dragon in your mind and submit it to the MixMarvel officials via email. After reviewing, your art may become a digital asset on blockchain. Also, all the income of this dragon will belong to you!

Customize your dragon!

Activity time: starting on April 1st, 2020

Activity Rules

1. During this event, players may design the image of a Dragon (including HyperDragons or HyperDragons Go!) according to their preferences and submit the created works to MixMarvel officials.

Submission method: Email to

When submitting a manuscript, please also provide a Dragon name, Dragon profile, personal wallet address, contact information (Email, WeChat, Telegram, etc.), and mark the submission project to HyperDragons or HyperDragons Go!

2. The submitted work must be original. When providing the design, please send us the source files of the design (including jpg, png, PSD, etc.). The higher the degree of completion, the greater the chance of success.

3. The submissions of players will be reviewed. Available dragons will be improved by the developers and will be put on sale in the game in a systematic way. The attributes of the dragons will be random.

4. The name and introduction of the Dragon will be based on the content at the time of submission.

5. After the Dragon is sold, the income will be transferred by the administrator to the wallet address filled in the submission.

6. Submission Reward:

Each of the top 10 users who meet the submission requirements can receive 300 MIX as reward

Each of the top 10 accepted users will receive an additional 1,000 MIX as reward

* To ensure the success of the reward payment, please leave your ETH address in the submission email.

7. MIXMARVEL reverses the right of final interpretation, the right of all copyright, and activities of Dragons. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact the MixMarvel staff through the above method, and we will give you a reply as soon as possible.

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