Community Update #5

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Recap of the past few months

Less than two months have passed since our latest Community Update, but a lot of things happened.

Firstly, we got listed on two new exchanges, Coinone and Bitrue, to increase the availability and the liquidity of our UOS token. This move also marked the beginning of our interaction with the Korean crypto community. These first steps in South Korea added to the growing interest in Asia augur an exciting future for Ultra in the region.

The second big news was our partnership with Ubisoft. Having one of the world’s top gaming companies as our first Corporate Block Producer is undeniably an asset to set up a powerful and reliable network for millions of gamers, game developers and streamers to interact on.

The following AMA was a success and it was a pleasure to share that time with you and the Blockchain Initiative Director of Ubisoft, Nicolas Pouard.

A few days ago, we also revealed our partnership with AMD as a part of our ongoing mission to democratize the games industry for developers and players.

Working closely with AMD will enable Ultra to accelerate its user acquisition through co-marketing activities, which will provide both increased visibility and actual on-ramp onto our platform. For instance, Ultra will provide AMD hardware customers with free game codes that can only be redeemed on the Ultra platform. Another aspect of this partnership consists in technical collaboration related to computing performance, which will help us further affirm our ambition vis-à-vis the current leaders of the games distribution market.

The AMD partnership announcement generated an unprecedented positive reaction worldwide and allowed us to increase our presence in mainstream financial and gaming channels.

More than 30 media talked about Ultra during the past week, including Cointelegraph, TheMerkle, SludgeFeed, Decrypt, PCMag, and Yahoo Finance.


To celebrate our partnership, AMD organized with us a giveaway for our community, a great way to start our co-marketing activities! The first part of this exciting event has only started two days ago, don’t miss this chance and participate to win a PowerColor RX 5700 XT + an exclusive Ultra cap! Many more to come!

If you want to be notified about the progress of our giveaway or future ones, as well as all the news related to Ultra, join our Telegram Announcement channel and our Twitter.


Hiring is a top priority for Ultra: as you know, our delivery ambitions require talented developers. Our target was to reach 100 team members by the end of the year, which was probably too ambitious.

Because we plan to reach this number in 2020, we have recruited two months ago Paul Horrell (former Senior Human Resources Manager @ Blizzard) as our HR Director to accelerate the recruitment process. With Hakima Nouali as our Talent Recruiter, and two additional external resources, Ultra now have four people working full time on team growth.

To accommodate the fast expansion of our team, we also plan to open a new development office in Europe.

Note that from now on, you won’t be hearing about our new hires as much as before. Disclosing all the talents we work with exposes us too much (i.e. competitive intel, dev predatory hiring, etc.), so we decided to work slightly more under the radar.

A website update will be made in the coming weeks and will come out with a reworked team section. In the future, mainly team growth numbers and executives or leading positions will be communicated.

New roadmap

As most of you already understood, Ultra beta isn’t coming out for Q4 2019.
Rest assured that good progress has been made on the development side.

Our team wants to make sure that the Ultra platform provides a unique experience straight from the launch. This includes ensuring that every key aspects we’re working on for months are perfectly integrated and thus releasing a solution that stands out both for its ease of use and its features.

The way we organize and plan the integration of the various technical components into the Ultra ecosystem can be altered by other strategic factors. Here are a few concrete ones.

1. Hiring

As mentioned above, hiring talented people is a key part in our commitment to release a groundbreaking solution for players and game developers within a reasonable timeframe. The pace at which we recruit developers impacts our deadlines but improves our workflow and guarantees a high reactivity on the long term.

2. Partnerships

In addition, we are constantly presenting Ultra to potential high value partners.

Some of them are extremely excited about Ultra and have specific requirements to use Ultra within their products and services that are altering the development. We are therefore revisiting our roadmap to sync with their needs.
Signing such partnerships is beneficial for everyone, including our community and future users, and we truly think that adapting our schedule is a sacrifice worth making.
Ultra will come out with more features and with stronger partners than planned. We believe this is the only way Ultra can truly become the new standard of the video games industry.

We are currently in discussion with actual and potential partners, and that’s why we didn’t produce a new roadmap yet. Complete reworked roadmap should be available early 2020 as soon as discussions are closed.

We hope that our community will understand the decision, and will bear with us until the new roadmap is presented. Thank you all for your continued support!

Circulating Supply

You asked for it, so here it is! A comprehensive circulating supply table for the coming 6 months. Among the 30 months-long periods of inflation, January to July 2020 will be the lowest inflation period for Ultra’s circulating supply.

The accentuation starting on month 13 (July 2020) is better than it looks like, since no token will go to investors pockets anymore but to the Ultra team’s for their strategic allocations (Partners, Core, Content Acquisition, Growth).

Tokens entering into circulation from that period until the end of the distribution schedule are intended to be held and spent wisely to support Ultra’s growth. We will update the community with our plans for strategic tokens allocation in a future update.

Below, you’ll find the detailed distribution table for the next 6 months. We also updated the original article for more clarity.

What’s to come in 2020?

2020 will be the year of Ultra!

The most important and anticipated events of this new year will of course be the beta and the world release of Ultra. It’s hard to imagine, even for us, how exciting and how incredible 2020 will be. We can’t foresee everything, but we already know that it will be an amazing year.

Around these milestones, you can expect many more exciting announcements in line with those that have been done recently. We will notably announce new partners, new Block Producers and new team members. Of course, with the release of the platform, we will also reveal the game devs that are publishing on Ultra, along with their games. From indie to AAA games, there will be many surprises that we are already eager to unveil.

During the first months of 2020, we will also continue to showcase Ultra here and at various events we will attend. You will be able to meet us at the CES (January 7–10), the GDC (March 16–20), the E3 (June 9–11), and at various crypto events around the world.

In the meantime, you will have access to the numerous articles and videos we are already working on to explain further how our Platform works.

2020 will be exciting, and we want to thank our awesome community for the incredible support so far.

Merry Christmas, and Happy New year!

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