Ankr Bi-weekly update 2020–04

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For the past two weeks our distributed team has been working from their homes all around the world. This has proved very effective and efficient, but most of all we are happy to say that everyone in our team is fine and healthy. We hope you are too!

Our engineers have been fully focussing on delivering more node hosting applications and expanding our node market with the most exciting protocols out there.

For the ones who are not fully aware of our node hosting as-a-service solutions and the benefits that come with it, please read on.

Why host your blockchain node on the Ankr cloud?

  • Our one-click deployment applications allow node runners to deploy any node in literally less than 5 minutes! No need to go through any documentation or complex pricing set up at a public cloud provider.
  • The price of hosting your blockchain node on Ankr is up to 80% cheaper than on well-known public cloud providers such as DigitalOcean and Amazon AWS.
  • Our solutions require no technical knowledge, which makes it easy for any community member or blockchain enthusiast to support a distributed network and to earn the node rewards .
  • Over the last months, we have integrated more than 40 blockchain protocols, most of which are already available in our node market.
  • Users can pay for our services with various cryptocurrencies, such as ANKR and USDT, Credit card payments and more tokens will be added in the near future.
  • Our blockchain specialists provide 24/7 support in all time zones around the globe on various platforms. The latest addition is our brand-new Discord group.

As we are building the go-to place for affordable and easy-to-use hosting services for blockchain protocols, Ankr is already generating revenues from our collaborations with various blockchain companies such as cryptocurrency exchanges, custody providers, staking platforms and investment funds.

Community update

Ankr & LTO AMA with Cryptodiffer

The AMA together with LTO was rescheduled due to heavy market movements on March 12th and has taken place on Monday March 23rd at 14:00 UTC in the Cryptodiffer chat.

Together with LTO we spoke about our node hosting solution, which has already increased community run LTO nodes by almost 100% since we announced the campaign.

The starting date of the campaign has moved to Wednesday March 25th, which is the final date to deploy your LTO Public node on Ankr and participate to share in the 100,000 LTO token pool.

Please make sure your wallet has enough credit to pay for the hosting fee, as Ankr will start billing the nodes at the start of the campaign, on March 25th at 23.59 UTC.

Business development update

Ankr listed on Bidesk Exchange
The ANKR/BTC par was listed on Bidesk Exchange, a new digital asset trading platform that has been created to provide a secure and safe environment for trading high-quality tokens and coins whilst immersing users in a first-class experience.

Trading started on March 10th 11:00 am UTC at:

Ankr and the Polkadot ecosystem
Ankr was added as official Node-as-a-Service provider for Edgeware, a promising smart contract platform in the Polkadot ecosystem, which is gaining a lot of traction lately. We will be working with Edgeware, Kusama and Polkadot to provide accessible, affordable and distributed node infrastructure solutions to the Web3 Ecosystem.

Development update

Our engineering team have been working non-stop on delivering one-click node hosting solutions for the most popular and emerging blockchains, projects which are in their mainnet as well as testnet phase.

Payment methods
Our free trial period has ended and we have sent out emails on March 23rd to users who have their nodes running, ensuring that their nodes will stay online during the switch to the paid version, which will take place on March 25th at 23.59 UTC.

Users can pay for their hosting fees with ANKR ERC-20, Ankr Native tokens and USDT, the payment options are available at the bottom of each node deployment page and you can easily view and access your wallet on the upper-right of the application.

The Ankr wallet is now accessible directly on the top-right of the application.

36 protocols supported in our node market
We are now supporting 36 different protocols in our node market! You can run nodes for these blockchain at low cost and deploy them in just a few clicks.

New additions to our node market are Polkadot, NuCypher, DNA and the BOINC project, which supports scientific research with distributed computing and will play a role in fighting Covid-19 (more on this to be announced.. Stay tuned!)

We are constantly working on many more node implementations and will be adding them to our node market over time! There are some very interesting projects in the works, some for which we will be the very first and only node-as-a-service provider in the space!

If you want to see you blockchain of choice in our node market, feel free to vote for your preferred protocol on our website

We wish you all a great experience running your favorite blockchain nodes on our distribute cloud, but above all we wish you stay safe!


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