HyperSnakes Inspires Korean community Users’ Creative Enthusiasm

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Those who are interested in the Korean variety show Running Man may know Three-line Poem, which has been particularly popular in South Korea recently. The Three-line Poem in South Korea is different from the one in China. They are more inclined to acrostic, which is a kind of poetry with words hidden in the first letters of each line.

“Three-line Poem” has been widely spread in Korean folk, and it has developed into a way to entertain and exchange feelings. For example, South Koreans will hold a Three-line Poem competition to thank their parents on Parents’ Day, or use the Three-line Poem to commemorate the 6.25 war. They even expressed their congratulations to France for winning the World Cup. The Three-line Poems in South Korea have gradually developed from an initial entertainment-oriented one into a popular culture expressing ideas.

Inspired by the “Three-line Poem”, the HyperSnakes set off a wave of “Seven-line Poem” in the Kakao community. Players used original Seven-line Poems to express their love and support for HyperSnakes. Why is it a Seven-line Poem? HyperSnakes’ Korean name is “하이퍼스네이크”, exactly 7 bytes, starting with 하, 이, 퍼, 스, 네, 이, 크 and creating seven lines of small poems.

A look at the Seven-line Poems created by HyperSnakes players:

하: 늘아래 정말 수많은 게임이 있다

(Loads of games are under the sky )

이: 번에 아주 특별한 게임이 나왔으니

(HyperSnakes has surfaced in my sight )

퍼: 펙트할 정도로 유저친화적이고

(Designed with simple and straightforward spirit )

스: 피디하고 익사이팅한 액션과

(Constructed for swift astonishing experience )

네: 트워크로 실시간 멀티플레이가 가능하고

(This simultaneous sport for mass participants )

이: 더리움, 트론, 온톨로지 버전이 있는 게임

(Is also accessible on various blockchains )

크: 나큰 기대와 가능성으로 등장한 하이퍼스네이크!!화이팅!!

(Users ascertain its promising destiny written in the stars )

하: 자마자 아악 ! 소리질렀다 !

(Playing this game makes me scream )

이: 렇게 재미있는 게임이 있었다니 !

(Such an interesting game to play )

퍼: 렇게 질린 내 얼굴 흥분을 감출수없어 !

(Bringing excitement that shines my face )

스: 톱할수없는 중독성까지 !

(Not until poisoned I shall restrain )

네: 시에 친구랑 만나기로했는데

(Have to meet friends there at four )

이: 런! 게임하다 네시를 훌쩍넘겨버렸네

( But played this game throughout the night )

크: 하하! 난 친구를 잃었지만 인생게임 하나얻었다 !

( All is worth to play this game! )

HyperSnakes is a bench marking work for MixMarvel’s self-developed games. As the first real-time Multi-player competitive blockchain game, HyperSnakes is highly welcomed by MixMarvel’s community users. Recently, the Alipay version of HyperSnakes has been updated. HyperSnakes was launched on Alipay’s latest topic of “epidemic resistance” to cheer for Wuhan with updated various features, including Medusa mode and shops. HyperSnakes has accumulated 120,000 new users and 40,000 daily active users within three days of its launch, which means that many mainstream users entered the blockchain world and is of great significance for the mass adoption of blockchain technology and blockchain applications.

HyperSnakes players in Kakao community expressed their love and recognition of the game by Seven-line Poem. They also expressed the following views and blessings to MixMarvel through this “Seven-line Poem” activity. MixMarvel is very grateful to have a group of loyal players accompany the growth of HyperSnakes.

아이언맨3000:로드맵대로꾸준히프로젝트진행해주세요. 한국 밋업 코엑스와 강남에도 참석했었고, 항상 응원하고 있습니다. ( I attended the conferences of MixMarvel in Coex and Gangnam in Seoul, and will always support this project in the future. I hope that MixMarvel will promote the project smoothly according to the Roadmap. )

치치:초기부터함께해왔지만그래도소통도잘하려고애쓰고믹마프로젝트도열심히해나가는것같아보기좋아요. (I have been paying attention since the early days of this project. MixMarvel has always been committed to developing blockchain games, communicating with community users, and has always been very attentive! )

나패왕 :코로나19때문에 복잡한 이시기에 믹스마블 가족여러분 모두 항상 건강하고 행복하세요. (At the moment of the COVID‐19 epidemic, I hope that all members of the MixMarvel family are healthy and happy. )

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