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In 2020, MixMarvel will carry out a strategic upgrade, and the new official website will go into updated in March.

The new official website has optimized the visual system, content architecture, functional modules, and introduced four significant modules: products, information, vital services, and community, and comprehensively presents the diversified and systematic exploration and development of MixMarvel in the field of blockchain games. After the official website upgrade, the community users and players, investors, and other people in the blockchain circle can understand the project progress and product landing situation more clearly, and better connect MixMarvel with the industry and users. At the same time, according to MixMarvel’s global layout strategy, to meet the needs of users in different countries and regions, the official website supports free switching between Chinese, English, and Korean.

As a global blockchain games publishing platform, MixMarvel has always been committed to creating a large-scale 3D virtual game world created jointly by users and developers worldwide and becoming the “Ready Player One” on the blockchain. With an open, free, autonomous, and evolutionary mindset, MixMarvel injects fresh vitality into the blockchain industry and revitalizes the blockchain game industry.

For global users and players: to provide the latest game information and community activity information

Its product modules will become a critical display entrance for MixMarvel’s games, including not only MixMarvel’s self-developed games such as HyperDragons and HyperSnakes but also third-party games. Here, users and players can not only learn the latest and hottest game information, pre-sale packages, or rewards but also can achieve a more detailed understanding of the game through “README” and “Advanced Gameplay.” “README” includes an introduction to the essential core gameplay rules and novice guidance. “Advanced Gameplay” will provide game veterans with more affluent advanced strategies and ideas, enhance players’ in-game fighting strength, and help them achieve a spiral increase in the value of in-game assets.

Over the past two years, MixMarvel has been deeply involved in the development of blockchain games and successfully launched several high-quality blockchain games. In 2020, MixMarvel will focus on the publishing of blockchain games, integrate helpful resources, and provide blockchain integration services for more mainstream games. More exciting blockchain games will be connected to its product modules soon, including some larger-scale blockchain games. Stay tuned.

For the blockchain industry: to showcase four fundamental services and platform diversified service models

Blockchain games are an emerging industry that is continually growing and changing. Facing the rapidly changing market environment, MixMarvel continuously adjusts its thinking and explores new business models. After two years of exploration, it has established four fundamental service segments: game publishment, core technology, content development, and community operation. More information appears in the Fundamental Services module of the new official website.

1) Comprehensive one-stop blockchain game publishing service

More and more companies are getting involved in the field of blockchain games. However, in promoting the mass adoption of blockchain games, the attempts made by many projects in the industry have only solved a single problem, so it is not straightforward yet to work. For example, although some projects have made breakthroughs in technology, they are not able to become phenomenal products due to reasons such as single gameplay or lack of new entry traffic. Therefore, the achievement of comprehensive integration and formation of a convergent effect can solve the pain points of the industry.

MixMarvel is at the leading level in the industry in terms of technical solutions, traffic supply, token economy design, as well as cooperation resources. MixMarvel will focus on the aggregation of all the possible solutions and provide publishment services to the blockchain game industry, including blockchain, token economy design, community operations, and others.

2) Rocket Protocol 2.0 + MMSDK allow mainstream game developers to integrate with blockchain easily

MixMarvel’s solution increases the efficiency of mainstream developers getting into blockchain by reducing their learning cost to the minimum: Rocket Protocol (RP) 2.0 is a layer-2 solution that can integrate with any public or alliance chain. For mainstream game developers that want to develop a blockchain game and launch it on a public chain, it is possible to merely leverage RP 2.0, which eliminates the need to write a smart contract for mainstream developers; developers can write in whatever language they like. Besides, MMSDK provides supplementary solutions that are necessary for blockchain games, including login, payments, and trading modules.

3) Rich content R&D and community operation experience output services

The MixMarvel technical team is reasonably experienced and has independently developed several high-quality blockchain games. So it can ultimately output the development experience to the third-party blockchain games issued on the platform, helping game developers launch blockchain games with diversified gameplay.

Besides, the MixMarvel operation team has been rooted in the game industry for many years and has accumulated a large number of developers and user resources. MixMarvel encourages each community member to participate in ecosystem construction in the form of token incentives, turning resources into value, and giving back to the ecosystem participants. At present, MixMarvel’s community has a large user base and is still expanding. At the same time, MixMarvel is actively seeking to introduce new traffic for blockchain applications and fully support the traffic needs of ecological developers.

For investors and partners: to show MixMarvel’s latest progress and plans

Through the information module, investors and partners of MixMarvel can learn about the progress and operation of the project, as well as the development and implementation of MixMarvel’s globalization strategy. MixMarvel’s roadmap shows the future planning of the project; Investors and partners can see the company’s business trends, product positioning, and strategic goals through this part.

The new official website represents a new starting point. After the upgrade, the MixMarvel’s official website will present a comprehensive information platform to users, partners, and investors.

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