Migration to Klaytn from Ethereum

REDi | 03.11| 113


We are excited to announce that REDi is migrating to Klaytn from Ethereum.

The token swap will begin on March 13th(KST) at

Coinone, the exchange REDi is listed, supports the token swap as well but for the limited time(Temporary suspension of REDi token deposit/ withdrawal from March. 13th.) The resume of the deposit/ withdrawal will be reannounced.

For the swap guide, please click below.

KlaytnSwap User Guide

For the swap, please click below.

Klaytn Swap

Important notice

  • Only Klaytnswap supports the token swap after March. 13th.(KST)
  • REDi is not responsible for any token losses caused by depositing REDi tokens at any cryptocurrency wallet not supporting Klaytn.

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