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MixMarvel, as the first blockchain company to cooperate with Ant Financial OpenChain, developed a blockchain application, HyperSnakes, as its core gameplay in Alipay at the end of last year. Recently, the Alipay version of HyperSnakes has been updated. HyperSnakes was launched on Alipay’s latest topic of “epidemic resistance” to cheer for Wuhan and has been updated with various features, including Medusa mode and shops. HyperSnakes has accumulated 120,000 new users and 40,000 daily active users within three days of its launch, which means that many mainstream users entered the blockchain world and is of great significance for the mass adoption of blockchain technology and blockchain applications.

HyperSnakes is easy-to-use, which is an essential factor for mainstream users to enter the blockchain games world. Previously, many blockchain applications required the forced installation of wallets or experienced stuttering and delays, which led to a large number of users discouraged. However, HyperSnakes, a Mini program version of the blockchain application based on Ant Financial OpenChain, has broken these thresholds. Users can directly enter the application from Alipay, and the whole process is very smooth. Users will receive an exclusive snake, recorded on the blockchain, when they enter the game for the first time. The “gene” of this snake, including the skin and the achievements of the user, will be stored on the blockchain as well. Users will obtain unique on-chain assets through captivating interactive behaviors and gradually form their own digital identity. These digital assets and digital identities can run through the entire Mini program platform, helping merchants to interact with users more conveniently and accurately.

In addition, HyperSnakes also focuses on creating a business loop, combining rich gameplay to improve user retention. At present, HyperSnakes includes survival mode and Medusa mode, and users can choose modes according to personal preference. In the process of playing HyperSnakes, users will get on-chain points, AGT, and the accumulated AGT can be used to redeem on-chain assets or merchants’ rewards in the shop. Of course, the application scenarios of AGT are also expanding, not just limited to being a marketing tool.

In 2019, the blockchain game industry fell into a bottleneck period. In the beginning of this year, the HyperSnakes Alipay Version on the Ant Financial OpenChain made a good breakthrough, which opened a new possibility for blockchain games, indicating a good development momentum of blockchain applications. In the future, MixMarvel will use the “HyperSnakes” blockchain marketing tool as a template, continue to help Ant Financial OpenChain to enrich its ecosystem, providing it with more innovative blockchain application tools, and allow more and more mainstream users to experience the blockchain application era.

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