Ankr and LTO Network collaboration: node hosting solutions and campaign!

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Ankr and LTO Network collaboration: node hosting solutions and campaign!

We are really excited to be working together with our long-time friends of LTO Network on further decentralizing their blockchain on our distributed cloud! As you might have heard by now, our current focus lies on adoption of our product with the first large use case of blockchain node hosting, still a subject which is hard to understand for many.

Staking has been a buzzword of 2019 and is gaining a lot of traction also in 2020. Staking is also an important component of the LTO Network. Our job at Ankr is to make staking via your own node, and even become a validator, easy and accessible for everyone.

Ideally, community members of any blockchain project run hundreds (or thousands) nodes of their favourite blockchain to contribute to it and eventually earn rewards by staking their tokens.

But in reality, adoption is still far away, and the majority of nodes are hosted by the company itself, which brings a few significant drawbacks, such as high cloud expenses for the projects and exposing the network to a single point of failure.

Ankr’s one-click node hosting solutions are aimed at solving these issues by removing any barriers for community members to host nodes and earn staking rewards for their project of choice.

At Ankr we have access to idle resources from data centers owned by some of the largest enterprises in the world, at very favorable prices, as they monetize their overcapacity through our cloud platform.

So, what could be a better use case to kickstart our platform and at the same time benefit our blockchain partners and their communities? Exactly, run your blockchain nodes on our distributed cloud platform and save up to 70% from well-known public cloud providers such as Amazon AWS and DigitalOcean.

So, how about LTO?

About LTO Network

LTO Network is an Amsterdam-born company that started in 2015. Using its hybrid blockchain technology, LTO Network tackles enterprises and B2B clients. Having over 30 clients and integrators like NEN, SignRequest, ScanTrust, and others . LTO Network is also working with Odyssey on open-source adoption and developer community expansion in Europe.

Multiple live use cases utilize LTO token on LTO mainnet which uses Proof of Stake model. As there is no inflation, fees paid for by clients and integrators are the rewards for stakers and nodes. Working with integrators, LTO Network taps into existing user bases and brings more activity to its mainnet with multiple revenue streams for stakers.

Ankr has created a simple application, which is available in our node market and can be used by community members to set up their LTO public node in just a few easy clicks!

The one-click node hosting application for LTO Public Nodes.
It has been an absolute pleasure working together! Our community members gave feedback on the LTO app, and worked side-by-side with Ankr developers who made the app stunning and so easy to use. Expecting a few more nodes added to LTO mainnet! And overall very pleased to see Ankr expand.
Ivan Golovko, CMO of LTO Network

Why run your LTO Public Node on Ankr?

There are actually a couple of good reasons to do this!

  • With the Ankr one-click deployment application, it takes literally less than 5 minutes to deploy your node. No need to go through any documentation or pricing setup at a public cloud provider.
  • There is zero technical knowledge required to set up an LTO Public Node on the Ankr cloud, which makes it much easier for community members to contribute to the goal of decentralizing the LTO Network.
  • Ankr is the cheapest hosting solution out there. You can host your LTO Public Node for 10 USD per month!
  • You can pay the costs for node hosting not only with credit card, but also with several cryptocurrencies, such as ANKR and USDT.
  • Ankr blockchain support specialists provide support 24/7 in all timezones around the globe through our brand-new Discord group.

And we have an awesome campaign for you!

Share a pool of 100,000 LTO rewards and get one month free hosting!

To celebrate our collaboration, we have prepared a campaign which is aimed at further decentralizing and strengthening the LTO Network and adoption of Ankr’s node hosting application.

LTO has committed a reward pool of 100,000 LTO tokens for all community members who run an LTO Public Node for a period of at least one month. This means that you will not only earn staking rewards with the tokens provided by LTO, but you will also become the owner of these tokens! On top of that, Ankr will provide a cash back in ANKR tokens for the first month of hosting costs for these nodes.

To find out how to be eligible for the LTO rewards, please check out their article here:

Only people who have a running node on March 15th and continue to run the node until at least April 15th will be rewarded!

What do you have to do?

  • Set up the LTO Public Node on Ankr
  • Tweet about how easy it was, with a screenshot and #StakeYourLTO and @Ankr
  • Fill in this Google form
  • After we have received your payment for the first month of hosting, Ankr will airdrop this amount in Ankr tokens to your Ankr wallet

How to set up the node?
This is actually so super easy, you don’t even need a tutorial!

But we have prepared one nevertheless, you can find it here.

Be sure to have your LTO wallet ready, and if you follow the recommended setup, you will be done in literally one-click!

At the moment our service is still in free trial until March 15th, all participants will be noticed before the first payment needs to be done.

Join us at Blockchain Beyond the Hype Event in Amsterdam

LTO has organized a special networking event tonight, February 27th, together with some friends from the Dutch crypto space. Ankr is attending the event, where the campaign is presented to the audience. If you are looking for a last minute invite, please pm @Marco_Ankr on Telegram.

You can follow LTO here:

Follow Ankr on social media:

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