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In the past weeks our team has been busy on various fronts, the outcome of which you have seen from our recent collaborations with Matic, BiKi Exchange, Lotte Data Communication. These three well-known companies from different parts of the world will connect to the Ankr cloud platform in various ways to either host blockchain nodes or monetize idle resources. Balancing the equation is now in full swing!

Blockchain node hosting as a service

Over the recent weeks our blockchain team has been fully focussed on delivering and improving node hosting applications for several high-profile blockchain companies.

There are now more than 25 node hosting applications available on our node market and we are working with many more to integrate.

As you know, there are several benefits for blockchain companies and their communities to host their nodes on the Ankr cloud:

  • Our one-click deployment applications make it extremely easy to deploy any node. With many of our applications this can be done in literally one click!
  • The price of hosting your blockchain node on Ankr is up to 65% cheaper than on well-known public cloud providers such as DigitalOcean and Amazon AWS.
  • There is absolutely no technical knowledge required to set up a blockchain node on the Ankr cloud, which makes it much easier for the decentralised networks to grow
  • After the free trial period, we will activate payment with credit card, but also with cryptocurrencies, such as ANKR, USDT and more tokens will be added in the future.

As we are working towards our goal of becoming the go-to place for affordable and easy-to-use hosting services for blockchain products, real revenues are generated from our collaborations with blockchain companies, cryptocurrency exchanges and staking platforms

Blockchains already integrated on our platform

We have expanded our engineering team, in order to accelerate our integration with more blockchains and create node hosting applications which will be launched in collaboration with with their project teams to further strengthen and decentralize their networks.

In addition, we are working with high-profile enterprises around the globe to balance the equation between supply and demand for cloud resources and have connected new data centers from well known companies such as BCP, Leaseweb and Lotte Data Communication to our platform.

Find below an overview of currently integrated blockchain node hosting applications.

Ankr platform UI

We are continually improving the user experience of our cloud platform. We have expanded our UX/UI team with more blockchain professionals to create an even more intuitive and seamless user experience for the individual applications in our node market.

Meanwhile the UI for our web-based application has been updated. Below you can see some screenshots of the current web app.

Payment methods

Currently we are still in our free trial period, which will finish soon. We have implemented payments with credit card via Stripe and payment in cryptocurrencies with Ankr tokens and USDT, which will be activated after the free trail period.

But there is more! As we continue to expand our offerings, it became clear from your feedback that you would like to make payments using native tokens from the node you want to host, so we have decided to implement this method of payment for some of the major offerings on our store, such as Matic and Harmony. This way we expect to remove any barriers for potential node hosts, as they can pay in the currency of their blockchain of choice!

New resource selection

Further improvements from our UI team have led to some changes in our resource selection and options. Instead of offering 16 different pre-programmed resource plans, we have set a default resource plan per node type, which are actually the recommended specifications we have obtained from the project team and tweaked after discussions with people already hosting the nodes.

Starting from the recommended specifications, it is possible to adjust the resources as desired. This way users will only pay for the resources they really need!

Ankr website

The process of building, testing and integrating our node hosting applications has made us realize even more the potential of this major use case of our distributed cloud and we are working to represent this use case properly on our official website.

We expect to release the update of our website with significant emphasis on the node-hosting focus in the coming weeks, so stay tuned on!

Ankr team

As mentioned above, we have expanded our blockchain and UX/UI team with 6 new members in Shanghai, Moscow and Amsterdam, and will continue to grow with our business in a responsible and accountable way .

Testing our applications

Currently we are in the beta testing phase with most of our new node hosting applications. We have already launched our first fully functional application and co-marketing campaign together with Matic and you will see many others following in the coming weeks.

Of course, we are curious about the experience you have in using our product. If you have ever hosted a blockchain node or are interested in doing so, we would like to invite you to test one or more of our applications. Any valuable feedback will be rewarded!

Our applications can be accessed here.

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