Lotte Data Communication joins the Ankr Cloud!

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We are proud to announce that Lotte Data Communication, the IT infrastructure arm of the major multinational company, Lotte, has joined the Ankr Cloud in order to provide an immense amount of new compute power to the platform.

This supports our need to ‘balance the equation’ between utilization and resource, as Lotte Data Communication connect their leading edge, high specification servers to Ankr via their global data-center network.

More than just another partnership

This relationship with Lotte Data Communication is far more significant than the typical crypto partnership: Lotte is a massive multinational conglomerate with influence and foothold in many different realms of business world-wide, Lotte Data Communication represents real-world validation of Ankr’s business model.

Very few crypto projects have managed to forge non-crypto relationships with an organisation of this size. Most of those that have achieved this are in the very top tier of cryptocurrency; a place that we at Ankr have firmly in our sights.

It has taken months of discussions and communication with Lotte Data Communication to reach this point, requiring countless business plan review and presentations to senior Lotte Data Communication executives. The end result heralds a significant breakthrough for Ankr in onboarding a global provider of this magnitude.

About Lotte

Lotte Corporation is a multinational business conglomerate operating from South Korea and publicly traded on KRX, the only securities exchange operator in South Korea. In 2018 Lotte Corporation published a yearly revenue of over 6.6 billion US dollars. They are the majority shareholder of Lotte Data Communication.

About Lotte Data Communication

An ICT specialist, based in Korea, Lotte Data Communication offers comprehensive IT platforms and solutions, including system design, development, building and consulting for a range of industries.

Leading the rapidly changing trends of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, LDC promote projects based on core new technologies, such as AI, Big Data, IoT, Cloud Computing and Blockchain. They are also enjoying tremendous growth by leading the business transition in post-digital trends across the industry.

LDC also provides smart solutions for business value chains from production to distribution, and IT solutions that form the backbone of urban living, including finances and social infrastructures and another interesting area of their focus is to deliver differentiated value in the rising field of Smart Cities globally.

Their current regional focus is on the Vietnamese and Indonesian markets, and from a global perspective, they are evolving and emerging as a world-class IT company with both superior technology with deep knowledge and vast industry experience.

How will Lotte Data Communication strengthen the Ankr Cloud?

This relationship builds further power and resiliency into the Ankr Cloud, with Lotte Data Communications providing compute resources from their top-tier data centers in South Korea, with plans for expansion across further locations in the future.

Ankr has a very wide and active investor community in South Korea, which will recognise the significance of this partnership and the resulting increased global reach.

Because of the large volume of compute power based in South Korea itself, Korean users will also be able to enjoy significantly improved latency from Ankr, when hosting their blockchain nodes and other cloud-based applications through Ankr’s Cloud platform.

We look forward to seeing this exciting business relationship with Lotte Data Communications grow to continued new heights as both parties enjoy the significant mutual benefits from working together.

We also expect to extend this relationship far beyond that of providing compute resources. Details of this will be fully announced once finalised.

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