Ankr in 2019: What a Year!

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Looking back on 2019 on this last day of the year we are very proud of where we stand now and what we have achieved over the past 12 months. We have grown from a post-ico project with a relatively small team to a full size company with a working product, real customers and resource providers and a full distributed team spread over four continents.

Let us take a look at our achievements in 2019, month by month.

January 2019

  • Ankr conducted one of the very first IEO’s on the Tokenman platform, which granted us a first important step into the Korean market.
  • We revealed a sneak-peek at the Ankr web application and UI of our DCCN (Distributed Cloud Computing Network)
  • Ankr won the annual award for The “Global Blockchain Cross-border Value Application” at the Year-end Ceremony of the GBLS Global Sleepless Blockchain Leadership Summit in Hangzhou, China.

February 2019

  • Ankr unveiled the first of many resource providers, one of the largest telephone operators and mobile network providers in the world: Telefónica.
  • We presented our test platform of the DCCN including all features and functionality.

March 2019

  • Our TGE (Token Generation Event) was conducted successfully with day one listings of the Ankr token on Upbit, Bittrex and Bitmax exchanges.
  • We revealed our second resource provider, one of the world’s largest cloud providers: DigitalOcean.
  • We provided further global liquidity with availability of the Ankr token on Kucoin, KoinX Indonesia, CoinSuper and Bgogo.
  • Ankr won a listing on Bithumb Korea exchange through the Pickthumb voting program.
  • Our 2019 world tour kicked off with the first stop in Istanbul, Turkey.
  • Ankr was featured on major global news outlets, including Nasdaq and Forbes.

April 2019

  • Ankr partnered with Matic Network for exploring low-cost and high-throughput on-chain settlement of micro-payments on the Ankr Network.
  • CEO Chandler Song and COO Ryan Fang were featured in the “Forbes 30 under 30 Asia”.
  • Our 2019 world tour continued with stops in Dubai and Bangkok, where Ryan Fang spoke at the Unblock Under 30 Blockchain Pioneers event.
  • We partnered with MultiVAC to research the integration of MTV mining as a service within the Ankr platform.
  • To further increase global availability of the Ankr token, we listed on Huobi Korea, Coinall and CoinOne Korea.
  • Ankr entered a partnership with Blockcloud to collaborate on blockchain and network technology research and development and global market development.

May 2019

June 2019

  • The Ankr BEP-2 token was one of the first assets to be listed on Binance DEX.
  • Ankr partnered with Harmony to work on integration of Harmony-based dApps on the Ankr distributed cloud.
  • The 2019 world tour continued with stops in India and a return visit to Turkey.
  • We partnered with Prometeus and BetProtocol, to integrate their Dapps on the Ankr DCCN.
  • CEO Chandler Song provided a product showcase at the KubeCon Open Source Summit in Shanghai.

July 2019

  • The Ankr mainnet and web application were successfully launched! The Genesis block was produced and the Ankr platform became live and ready for business.
  • Ankr listed on Binance as the very first winner of the Binance DEX community program.
  • Chandler Song visited The Netherlands, Korea, Vietnam and Thailand together with our friends of Aergo, Fantom, Lition, Blockcloud and Prometeus for the last stops of the 2019 world tour.
  • Ankr joined BEPSwap, the first application on ThorChain, as a launch partner.

August 2019

  • Zilliqa announced as flagship customer of the Ankr cloud and is the first of many blockchain projects to utilize the Ankr cloud infrastructure to host their mainnet nodes.
  • Ankr partnered with Lambda to power their decentralized storage solution on the Ankr cloud.

September 2019

  • Bluzelle and BOID are the next blockchain companies to utilize the Ankr cloud for hosting their nodes.
  • The desktop wallet for Ankr native tokens is released.
  • The new branding and official website was launched.
  • Ankr joins the Hyperledger ecosystem to contribute to connecting blockchain technology to real-world use-cases.

October 2019

  • Vite joins the Ankr cloud, to grow our mutual ecosystems by leveraging Ankr’s distributed cloud computing technology and the ViteX DEX.
  • COO Ryan Fang joins Binance CEO CZ on stage at the Binance Super meetup in Moscow, Russia.
  • Lition will utilize the Ankr Cloud to provide eco-friendly hosting for their nodes.

November 2019

  • Ankr partnered with Troy in order to utilize Ankr’s cloud platform and adding new applications in areas such as trading and settlement to our App Store.
  • Ankr COO Ryan Fang once again shared the stage with CZ at the Binance Istanbul Meetup in Turkey.

December 2019

  • Ankr launched the first of many full functional node applications to the App Store, making it possible to seamlessly host a Binance Chain node on the Ankr cloud!
  • TomoChain became the second fully-completed node-hosting application on the Ankr platform. Users can now run a TomoChain master node with just a couple of simple clicks.
  • The Ankr mainnet was upgraded to version v1.0.2 and we have added new features to support our Distributed Cloud Computing Network.
  • Ankr and partnered to provide mainnet master nodes on the Ankr Cloud.

We have come a long way this year, but this is still just the beginning. We have integrated more than 40 blockchain projects and have over 5,600 registered users on our platform.

In 2020 we will focus on enabling blockchain communities to develop and stake on our platform quickly, cheaply and easily. We will keep buidling to become the go-to marketplace for container based cloud services and provide developers with the ability to deploy 100+ types of blockchain nodes.

With the addition of node hosting applications for all the high-profile blockchains out there, we aim to onboard thousands of customers to use our cloud hosting platform to host nodes of their favourite blockchains, but there is more… we will also work together with top-tier exchanges to provide easy-to-use staking solutions for various mainnet blockchains and will expand our ecosystem with new partners from various areas of business.

We want to sincerely thank you all for your ongoing support and wish you a great 2020!

The Ankr team.

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