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Over the recent weeks, our entire team has been focusing on development, testing and writing documentation for the various blockchain node hosting apps we are launching.

If you have taken a look at our App Store you will have seen there are many high-profile blockchain nodes that can already be hosted on our distributed cloud. Of course, these applications need thorough testing, not only by us but also by real users. We are currently working with a team of community members to assist us with these tasks and provide feedback which will be used to optimize the user experience and deployment of the application itself.

Development update

Our engineering team is working full speed and has pushed out a couple of critical releases over the past two weeks.

On December 13th we completed the upgrade of our mainnet to version v1.0.2, which included an update of various functions of our Proof of Stake (PoS) blockchain. The custom-built AnkrChain is based on the Tendermint development framework and serves the Ankr Distributed Cloud Computing Network (DCCN).

Our blockchain is currently used for payments and verification proof to resource providers. The AnkrChain is built to support further upcoming features, which will be available in future releases, with the goal of implementing a free-to-use, open and decentralized resource exchange marketplace.

But the developments which excite us the most are definitely the relentless and continued launch of our blockchain node hosting apps in our App Store.

Binance Chain
The Binance Chain node hosting application is the first of many blockchain node hosting apps that can be deployed and run with just a couple of clicks from our App Store and be paid using Ankr tokens.

While running a Binance Chain node does not offer any token rewards, it is important because it provides trust, security, and privacy to the users, and of course because of the prestige associated with being aligned and part of the Binance ecosystem.

If you are interested in running a Binance Chain node on our distributed cloud, you can find a tutorial and all other relevant information here.

Right after the release of our first fully-completed node hosting application for Binance Chain, we presented our node hosting application for TomoChain, which is the first application in our App Store that lets the user earn rewards by hosting a Masternode and staking TOMO tokens!

The Binance Chain and TomoChain applications are the first two applications in our App Store which implemented a new way to share the details related to hosting the node, the costs and system specs related to hosting, essential information and a full tutorial on how to deploy.

This all makes it really easy to host a blockchain node on the Ankr Cloud. But at the same time, we are working on the adoption of our product together with the communities of these projects. We are in close contact with TomoChain and their Masternode hosting community to explain the benefits of hosting on Ankr.

So, in case you have missed it, here is once more a short overview of why you should host your favorite blockchain node on the Ankr distributed cloud:

  • The Ankr platform is connected to high-end servers, hosted globally from the data centers owned by some of the largest companies on the planet, such as DigitalOcean and Telefónica, to provide the highest quality service to the Ankr nodes.
  • Our data centers guarantee an enormous global scope across 5 continents. This results in extremely low latency and maximized compute power.
  • Hosting on Ankr is significantly cheaper as hosting on public cloud providers.
  • Our approach is more eco-friendly since we use idle resources and are in this way optimizing the use of existing hardware.

Currently, we are working on integrations with many other high-blockchains, some of which you can already see in our App Store. We will release new node hosting applications for some very interesting blockchain companies and will be connecting with their communities to actually utilize our solution to run their preferred blockchain nodes.

To optimize the user experience of our applications, we are continuously updating and adding new features to our web application.

It is already possible to pay for compute resources with Ankr tokens, but we are also integrating fiat payment options with credit card payment provider Stripe.

Payment for compute resources and node hosting with Ankr tokens will be fully integrated with our custom-built smart contracts to provide a pay-as-you-go model as an alternative to the prepaid model.

We are also integrating the provider onboarding into our platform. It will soon be possible for aspiring resource providers to get on the waitlist via our web application. We will inform you about this in a separate article.

In this phase of development, we would very much appreciate your feedback on what we are building. Especially if you are currently hosting blockchain nodes or looking to host nodes, we are very interested in your comments on the current web application and blockchain node hosting apps that are already available in our App Store.

Thank you for your ongoing support!

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