AnkrChain Mainnet Upgrade v1.0.2

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Today we have completed the upgrade of our mainnet to version v1.0.2, which includes the update of various functions of our custom blockchain.

We would also like to use this post to give a brief introduction to AnkrChain; an element of Ankr that you may not have heard much about until now.

A brief introduction to AnkrChain

AnkrChain is our custom built blockchain which serves the Ankr Distributed Cloud Computing Network (DCCN). The Ankr Chain is based on the Tendermint development framework and currently includes the following features:

  1. An extendable and flexible transaction structure model to support varied transaction types; support for Proof of Stake (PoS) based on Tendermint BFT (Byzantine Fault Tolerance);
  2. A sophisticated and extendable smart contracts system which is based on the WebAssembly standard; the current contracts development language is C/C++;
  3. Multi-version and multi-zone data storage based on Merkle IAVL+ Tree: highly efficient data access times for the storage and a convenient transactions rollback mechanism;
  4. A secure and succinct resource data collection from the global spread of prime data centers that are connected to our DCCN, such as DigitalOcean and Telefónica; the collected resource data from AnkrChain provides proof of utilization to our resource providers.

Updates in version v1.0.2
Version v1.0.2 includes, amongst many new features, the following:

  • The ability to query utilization data from the AnkrChain nodes to provide proof of usage for data centers;
  • Rolling transactions for increased stability;
  • Bug modifications

AnkrChain Node structure
The node structure for the AnkrChain network includes three types of nodes:

  • Validator nodes
  • Sentry nodes, which are geographically dispersed and designed to protect the Validator nodes from attacks
  • Full synchronization nodes

The fourth type of node will be introduced in the future; the ‘Lite Access’ Service node, which will provide an easy way to access the AnkrChain network and query the transactions, and can be used by our resource providers to generate verification proof for their transactions to ensure fair payment for services received.

Features of the AnkrChain
Our blockchain is custom built to support our distributed cloud network and is currently used for payments and verification proof to resource providers.

The AnkrChain is built to support further upcoming features, which will be available in future releases, with the goal of implementing a free-to-use, open and decentralized resource exchange marketplace.

To fully support the marketplace, we will soon introduce a valid and robust proof for a breakdown of various types of resource usage (such as CPU/GPU, storage and network usage). Additionally, we will implement new governance architecture and optimize our consensus model.

The AnkrChain P2P network will also be suitable for the adoption of our IoT and Edge network, which we will share more about in a series of upcoming articles.

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