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Join the MixMarvel official telegram group and you can participate in more exciting events in the latest stage of MixMarvel! This month we will hold a telegram sticker contest in the community, the winning stickers will be rewarded and we will also reward the new telegram group members.

Publish your own Telegram Stickers and let the others enjoy!

Sticker contest:
Event time: From Feb 24th, 2020 to Mar 23rd,2020(GMT +8)
Logopack link:

1. Each person is allowed to submit up to 3 stickers.
2. Stickers may not contain any; racial, sexual or religious tints.
3. Sticker content must be genuine and unique. (No copyright abuse)
4. Sticker must contain our logo. (Provided in the link)
5. Telegram stickers must be PNG images with a transparent background, 512×512 pixels.
(Tips to create stickers )

How to Participate:
Step 1. Follow @MIXMARVELGAME & join our telegram:
Step 2. Like/RT this twitter post and tag 3 friends and leave your telegram username (check it in the group)
Step 3. Create Stickers about MixMarvel Games(HyperDragons, HyperSnakes and so on)
Step 4. Send your Sticker in MixMarvel telegram group

Join the group to win MIX, The first 10 users that join our telegram channel after this announcement will win an additional 100 MIX each!

Winner selection:
After the submission deadline ( March-23rd-2019 ), the MixMarvel staff will select the eligible stickers and they will be announced on and set up for a public vote. Simoutainusly the official MixMarvel staff will cast a vote aswell.
Three users with the most votes win 9000 MIX tokens.
#1 wins 4000 MIX tokens
#2 wins 3000 MIX tokens
#3 wins 2000 MIX tokens

The winning stickers will be added to the MixMarvel StickerPack and will be used by the community and admins on the

(Create sticker pack here:


1. The same person is only awarded 1 time
2. Users caught with suspicious cheating behavior will be disqualified from this event.
3. Winners announced through the MixMarvel community @MixMarvelAnnouncement
Event Hosting: MixMarvel Official

MixMarvel’s website:

MixMarvel has launched hyper series games, HyperDragons, HyperSnakes and more games will launch on our MixMarvel platform, stay tuned.

For any questions or suggestions about the EVENT, please contact @fandy_MixMarvel in the telegram group!

The MixMarvel Team would like to sincerely thank you all for your support.

MixMarvel community:

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