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Project Overview

HiCats is a casual cat-breeding blockchain game developed by Just Studio and published by MixMarvel. Players can accumulate value by cultivating cats. Within the HiCats, players purchase and upgrade cats to compete for the final prize pool. HiCats has a diverse collection of cute cats for players to breed. With a cozy and warm graphical style, HiCats is a fun and rewarding game to play for leisure. With an innovative level-up system and exciting gameplay, players can enjoy breeding while receiving numerous rewards.

Game System

Grand Prize Pool

When the owner of the highest-level cat maintains the record for at least 24 hours, he/she will receive the Grand Prize Pool reward.

The game will enter the next round as long as it meets the following criteria:

1. When the owner of the highest level cat maintains the record for 24 hours, he/she will receive 90% of the grand prize pool as a reward.

2. If there is no single winner in the round and the situation lasts for 72 hours, the current round is automatically suspended, the prize is automatically rolled over to the next round.

3. When there is a single highest level cat present, the system will start a 24-hour countdown. When there are several equivalent levels in which cats appear, the system will start a 72-hour countdown.

Cat Upgrade

Players can purchase cats with cryptocurrencies or by consuming cat food, combine two cats with equivalent levels, to unlock new cats.

Cat’s Nest

Players get two free cat’s nests at the start (VIP players get 4); players can enlarge their cat’s nests through spending cryptocurrencies. The maximum capacity of a nest is 15. The more cats are purchased, the more cat points will be accumulated, thus gathering more rewards from the market.

System

When a player reaches level 7, the sign-in system will be unlocked. Players can sign-in to receive free cat food; the higher the cat points, the more sign-in rewards.


Invite friends to join, form cat-breeding clubs, and accumulate cat food together. Details as following:

1. Share invitation page to friends; when they enter the game through your invite link, they will automatically become members of your club.

2. Other players invited by those who have joined the game through your link will also be your cat friends.

3. Any purchase made by your club members using OKB will reward you with cat food.

Within your cat club, if anyone purchases a cat (for instance, level 7) using OKB, you will receive one level lower (level 6) cat food; you will at least win 1 unit of cat food.

Within your cat friends, if anyone purchases a cat (for instance, level 7) using OKB, you will receive two levels lower (level 5) cat food; you will at least win 1 unit of cat food.

VIP System

Players can pay once to join a permanent VIP program and enjoy the following privileges:

1. Receive two more nests for free.

2. Receive a 50% deduction for all nests purchases.

3. Build cat clubs to earn cat food.

4. Receive more free cat food though signing-in.

5. Upgrade cats using cat food.

6. Spend OKB to directly purchase level-1 cats.

7. Spend OKB to purchase cats with a 5% chance to purchase one level higher cats.

8. Get a unique invitation link.

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