MixMarvel cooperates with Ant Financial OpenChain to create the first blockchain marketing tool…

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MixMarvel cooperates with Ant Financial OpenChain to create the first blockchain marketing tool based on Alipay Applications

Relying on blockchain technology, users will obtain unique on-chain assets through captivating interactive behaviors and gradually form their own digital identity in the process of using different Alipay Applications. These digital assets and digital identities can run through the entire Application platform, helping merchants to interact with users more conveniently and accurately, and allowing users to enjoy high-quality services during entertainment.

HyperSnakes, which is highly viscous and easy-to-use, is the core interactive gameplay of this blockchain marketing tool designed to link merchants and users. The designs and the props in the applications can be combined with any merchant, allowing users to learn about the merchants’ products while interacting, achieving a mutual benefit for both the merchants and users. MixMarvel will continue to help Ant Financial OpenChain to enrich its ecosystem and provide it with more innovative blockchain application tools.

The Ant Financial OpenChain is used as a value carrier, and the on-chain points used in this marketing tool can connect it to all Applications, which not only improves management efficiency but also achieves value interconnection. Compared with the utilization of centralized virtual assets, on-chain points are more transparent, efficient, and produce a better consensus. A “Gene” interaction allows users to form their own digital identity in constant interactions, which is safe and trustworthy. With its help, users can protect their privacy while providing merchants with more precise needs.

MixMarvel’s project representative stated that cooperation with the Ant Financial OpenChain helped her fully feel the convenience of the Ant Financial blockchain network. The Ant Financial OpenChain, obtaining multiple patents, has robust underlying technology and perfect development tools, which significantly reduces the development threshold for developers. Also, by dint of the tens of millions of user traffic support of the Ant Financial OpenChain ecosystem, applications created by developers can get the most direct feedback from users, which is of great significance for the mass adoption of blockchain technology and blockchain applications.

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