HyperSnakes awarded as one of the Best Blockchain Games in the Game Teahouse Awards Ceremony

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On January 7th, one of the co-founders of MixMarvel attended the 7th Game Teahouse CEO Annual Meeting and the according Annual Awards Ceremony at the Sheraton Guangzhou Hotel and received the award of HyperSnakes as one of the Best Blockchain Games. HyperSnakes has won the support of both many users and the jury due to its product quality, creative gameplay, positive user feedback, and perfect token economy model.

HyperSnakes is the first real-time multi-player competitive blockchain game. Since its launch in May 2019, it has achieved outstanding results and gathered full attention in the industry, and has performed well on three leading public chains, ranking top on Ethereum, Tron, and Ontology.

HyperSnakes has the following three major highlights.

First, as a real-time multi-player competitive blockchain game, HyperSnakes inherits the classic snake gameplay, and adds innovative modes such as snake battlefield management, matching chaos and random battlefields. Besides, HyperSnakes continues to update and has released a new PVE version “Medusa Wrath” in July, which has been warmly welcomed by players.

Second, the Layer-2 scaling solution, Rocket Protocol 2.0, hatched by MixMarvel, ensures decentralized properties while maintaining a smooth user experience for blockchain games that require a high TPS (Transaction Per Second). Thanks to this technology, HyperSnakes was able to be quickly developed and released across leading public chains.

Third, MixMarvel has designed multiple modes for HyperSnakes such as “Leisure Mode” and “Arena” to meet the needs of casual, skilled, and investment players.

HyperSnakes is MixMarvel’s groundbreaking work which promotes the mass adoption of blockchain games. Its success laid an excellent reputation of MixMarvel’s self-developed games.

In the year 2020, MixMarvel will pivot to blockchain game publishment. Based on various attempts of the industry to mass blockchain adoption in 2019, MixMarvel will focus on the aggregation of all the possible solutions and releasing the killer dApp in the market of 2020.

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